Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Lanyards, Custom Embroidered Patches
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Italia Custom Patches Sale
Italia Custom Patches
Italia Custom Patches with merrowed border. Size in 2.4” diameter.
Sorinex Custom Patches Sale
Sorinex Custom Patches
Sorinex Custom Patches with 50% coverage.
Hotspur Custom Made Patches Sale
Hotspur Custom Made Patches
Hotspur Custom Made Patches is woven patches with merrowed patches
Crown quality lapel pins Sale
Crown quality lapel pins
1.3'' 3D or cutout pins with gold finish
Monkey Embroidered Patches Sale
Monkey Embroidered Patches
Monkey Embroidered Patches width is 1.9 inches,height is 1.8 inch.
Lapel pins for daughters of charity Sale
Lapel pins for daughters of charity
0.9’’ soft enamel pins with silver finish
Princess Custom Patches Sale
Princess Custom Patches
Princess Custom Patches is woven patches.
Dallas Robo Funny Belt Buckles Sale
Dallas Robo Funny Belt Buckles
3.5" *2" Dallas Robo Funny Belt Buckles with Brass Finished
Canada Personalized Medals Sale
Canada Personalized Medals
2 " Canada Personalized Medals with Antique Brass Finished
Baseball Embroidered Patches Sale
Baseball Embroidered Patches
Baseball Embroidered Patches shows a baseball, with 50% Embroidery.
YOUPPIE Custom Patches Sale
YOUPPIE Custom Patches
YOUPPIE Custom Patches looks very small and fresh, with 50% Embroidery.
Military Badge Custom Patches Sale
Military Badge Custom Patches
Military Badge Custom Patches is pretty cool, with 50% Embroidery.
UNTHSC Custom Pins Sale
UNTHSC Custom Pins
0.75" soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Oval Embroidered Patches Sale
Oval Embroidered Patches
Oval Embroidered Patches is made of yellow and black, with 100% Embroidery.
THERE'S TALK Custom Pins Sale
THERE'S TALK Custom Pins
1" hard enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Summer camp cheap pins Sale
Summer camp cheap pins
1.5‘’ soft enamel pins with dye black
SEVEN Custom Pins Sale
SEVEN Custom Pins
0.7" soft enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
CSUN Lapel Pins Sale
CSUN Lapel Pins
1.25" Antique Pins, die struck with antique brass finish.