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Brooch of The Romantic Story

Quality lapel pins are generally more refined, more expensive, because brooches are generally made of gold and silver, and inlaid with the diomand etc., these materials would have been very expensive, so the brooch to give people a noble temperament, the general ladies will wear a brooch in the evening dress when men usually wear in the formal wear .

Beauty is human nature, not only girls love it, boys have the right to love it too, but men wear must pay attention to the details to choose brooches, otherwise it will look very tacky. General speaking,men should wear a lighter color brooch, not suitable for wearing too bright brooch. And the best lady according to the occasion and their age choose their own quality lapel pins, so as to show their temperament.

Today is Valentine's Day . I personally think that the quality lapel pin is the best gift to send male and female friends, if you like someone to send his brooch most representative of your feelings, because the brooch generally worn under the left chest , is not the nearest place from the heart? is not that he wants to go closer to your heart ? If you really like someone ,if you are afraid to confess embarrassed, then send him or her a brooch, perhaps he or she can understand your mind at the moment with romantic and fun feeling.