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Hard Enamel Pin

Brooch is representative of nobleness and power. When a lot of people ignore it, we found that when the brooch is no longer a simple accessories, but also a symbol of fashion. At the same time, brooch production process is also increasingly diversified, mainly divided into: soft enamel lapel pins, hard enamel cloisonne lapel pins, sandblast lapel pins, 3D cast / cut out, antique pinsoffset printed. Here we focus on hard enamel pin.

Production process of hard enamel pin is similar to the true enamel badge (cloisonne badge), and hard enamel is the different with true enamel for paint. (true enamel paint for true enamel, a synthetic enamel paint, imitation enamel paint for hard enamel ). Hard enamel pin surface is flat, (relative to soft enamel pin, in fact, hard enamel pin surface of the metal lines with your fingers to feel there is still a little raised ) badge surface lines can be gold-plated, silver and other metal colors, metal between the lines filled with a variety of hard enamel paint. Hard enamel pin is also a good choice as gift for exquisite workmanship. GS-JJ can give you the best design for your pins. We look forward to your arrival.