How To Preserve Your Pins Collection?


Unconsciously, GS-JJ has written almost 240 articles about the lapel pins;

Through the lapel pins, we made friends with many amazing people of pins collectors.

I wonder if I have attracted friends around us to start with the collection of pins.

If you’re a novice collector like me,

And we don’t know how to preserve those small pins we collected.

Let’s take a look at this issue of pins’ tips today.


How to Preserve Your Pins Collection?



Lanyard for Pins


My pins collection started with the Disney Pins.

At that time, every novice collector had a lanyard for metal pins.

Look, my lanyard carries a dazzling array of beautiful pins exhibits!

Lanyard for Pins

Disney’s lanyard for pins already carries several random metal pins.

The design aims to make it easy for you to start your trading trip at Disney.

Lanyard for Pins


In addition to Disney Park,

In the World Expo’s exhibition and the restaurant of Hard Rock;

They also have pins& lanyards from their bands for sale.

Lanyard for Pins (2)

◆Advantages: Be easily to display, carry and exchange

◆Disadvantages: Less storage and pins are easily worn away

For easily display and exchange, it is often used in places where pins are exchanged.




Bag for Pins


When the quantity of your metal pins gradually increased,

The pins you don’t want to exchange need not be carried with you anytime.

A professional bag for pins is now essential for you.

Bag for Pins

The inside of the bag is just like a book.

The bag could carry and display lots of pins page by page.

This is a necessary tool for pins collectors.


Size of A4 paper, about 18-22usd/each, from the B2C platforms;

Bag for Pins (1)

◆Advantages: Large storage capacity; Protect pins from wear and tear

◆Disadvantages: Pins are not easy to be displayed in the bags all the year-round.




Box for Pins


Gradually, you have gotten more and more metal pins;

The qualities are getting better and better.

The pins are kept in the bags, their days are complete darkness.


You need an upgraded tool to preserve & display your favorites.

A gorgeous box for pins is your best choice.

Box for Pins

Above is the professional Guitar Shape Box for pins from Hard Rock,

It’s absolutely amazing to keep one at home.

The box’s unit price is 160 dollars from its official website.


If you think the guitar box is too complicated,

Then such an ordinary box is also very good as below showed;

Put it in your bookcases and cupboards are both very attractive.

Box for Pins

◆Advantages: Protect pins from wear and tear; the boxes are very attractive;

◆Disadvantages: The boxes are very expensive for low-income people;




DIY Frame for Pins


The key-point comes;

Above mentioned guitar shape box is 160 dollars per each;

Many low-incoming people among us couldn’t afford one;

Therefore, I will teach you how to make your DIY Frame for Pins;

Firstly, have a look at the finished frame:

DIY Frame for Pins


This kind of frame is available in IKEA;

The series of RIBBA, 21 x 30cm, size of A4 paper;

The unit price is 3-4 dollars which is very acceptable and affordable.

DIY Frame for Pins (1)


The frame’s backboard is the color of wood that not very pretty;

You just need to prepare another A4-sized background paper.

The paper can be black or decorated with patterns associated with pins.

Then insert the pins into the backboard.

DIY Frame for Pins (2)


As below showed, that’s the backing face of the frame.

The bracket behind the frame was removed to fill it up with pins.

PS: If you don’t want to take off the bracket, then leave some spaces in the middle.

DIY Frame for Pins (3)


Design your background paper with a large logo in the middle.

Like this:

DIY Frame for Pins (4)


What an economical and affordable frame for pins it is!

You could make lots of frames and keep them anywhere in your house.

It’s better to appreciate your pins anytime and anywhere than to be stuffy in a bag.

DIY Frame for Pins (5)

◆Advantages: Protect pins; the frames are pretty, cheap; enjoy the fun from DIY;

◆Disadvantages: None;



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