Lanyards are accessories, which are essentially made from different yarns as raw material into narrow fabric or tubular fabric. Nowadays, the category of lanyards products is complicated and owns many different functions. It is widely used in apparel industry, shoe industry, luggage industry and other industries. In the 1930s, lanyards are produced by artisans’ workshops. The most primitive materials for making lanyards are cotton thread, hemp thread and other textile line. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the raw material for making lanyards have increased, such as polyester, nylon, vinylon, spandex and so on. In the product process of lanyards, it has formed three kinds of technology, which included weaving, braiding and knitting. And the fabric structure is not uniform; it can be divided into several types, like plain weave, twill weave, stain weave, jacquard weave, double-layer weave, tubular weave and so on.

  1. Weaving

The basic process of weaving included the intertexture of warp and weft yarns. Intertexture of warp and weft yarns refers to that the twisted yarn is made into yarn bobbin, and then twisted the weft yarn on pirn in order to weave on the loom. In 1930s, people use the hand-pulled wooden loom and iron loom. In the early period of 1960s, the 1511 loom was converted into a weaving machine, which is still widely used in some small town workshop. In the 1970s, due to the promotion of the continuous dyeing and ironing machine, the processing for colored lanyards developed from dyed before weaving to weave before dyeing. The technology of the lanyards has entered into the ranks of mechanized mass production. In the 1980s, the lanyards technology has entered a new stage of development by introducing new machinery and equipment from abroad, such as high speed shuttleless loom and warping machine.

  1. Braiding

Meridian yarn tube and the volume has formed a weft tube, and then inserted in the fixed gear knitting machine. The weft tube rotates along with 8-shaped track to intersect knitting yarn traction. Generally, if the number of spindles is even, the lanyards are shaped like tubular; if the number of spindle is odd, the lanyards are flat sheet. The spindle number will change because of different equipment, but the range of spindle number is from 9 to 100. The basic technological process of braiding included: Bleaching and dyeing-Weft winding-Weaving-Cutting-Packaging. Since 1960, the braiding machine has undergone many technological innovations. The improvement of the device has increased the quality of the lanyards and production efficiency.

Braiding machine not only can weave lanyards, but also can weave rope. Tubular lanyards is a kind of customize lanyards, which is shaped like shoelace. If your company or organization wants to advertise your goods or service for public, choosing the custom made lanyards is the right thing.

  1. Knitting

In the 1970s, weft knitting and warp knitting technology are widely used in lanyards fields. In 1973, the trial production of the tight knit nylon wide belt is successful. By 1982 the Italian crochet machine was introduced and widely used in lanyards fields. As a new advanced crochet machine, it has features like advanced technology and wide variety of production. The decorative fabric with thin feature often uses the machine, which involved in lace, elastic tape, window screen and cummerbund. Actually, based on the knitting principles, many other industries have created more products, such as fire hose.

Lanyards were appeared in our daily life. The people work for supermarket, company or competition need to wear the best lanyards to identify their position. Besides this, the lanyards also can advertise brand, goods and service of your company. The promotional function can be applied to environmental protection and charity fields. Using high quality lanyards or cheap lanyards on something significant is our duty for the whole society. If you want to know more information for customize lanyards, please visit We have written detailed information on my Page.

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