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Taranaki Rugby Cool Lanyards
Taranaki Rugby Cool Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Lobster Claw attachment
MBNA Paddock Club Cool Lanyards
MBNA Paddock Club Cool Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Metal Lobster Claw attachment
Nevaeh Performance Cool Lanyards
Nevaeh Performance Cool Lanyards
Polyester Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Lobster Claw attachment
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Cool Lanyards

Have you ever found yourself in a position, where you had to wait in a queue for hours because the people in front of you were having difficulties finding and presenting the identity proofs for verification? Or have you been in a similar position yourself because of the same reason? This type of situation usually happens at places where individuals or groups of persons are usually checked for identification by security operatives before being allowed entry into a building or organization.

Most times, the ID card or proof of identity is sitting somewhere inside your bag, purse, wallet, or pocket, but due to being in a hurry or under pressure, you might be having serious issues providing them. Pretty laughable isn’t it. Indeed, if you have passed through situations like this, then you can imagine how much time is usually spent looking for things that were merely misplaced as a result of being careless or not storing it properly.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and it is quite surprising that MAN in all his ingenuity has successfully found solutions to every major problem he has faced regarding food, shelter, and clothing, but not much has been done to make sure certain delicate valuables like keys and flash drives are kept safely.

However, with the introduction of lanyards, which are cords or straps used to hold valuables together and prevent them from getting misplaced, a solution to this problem was discovered.

Custom lanyards come in different variants and forms, and cool lanyards are one of the most used types of lanyards today. Just like the name suggests, Cool lanyards are the simplest or basic type of lanyards. They are mostly designed as cords, strings, or straps with cool, simple text, images, or design imprints on them.

Cool lanyards make it very convenient to carry valuables like keys, pens and flash drives around without losing them. Furthermore, due to their very flexibility and simplicity, they cost very little to procure, compared to other lanyard styles. This makes these custom lanyards the ideal item for small start-ups, firms, business owners, and organizations who want to engage in brand promotion, gift items to customers, or provide employees with basic and easily accessible proofs of identity.

cool lanyards with breakaway attachmentscustom cool lanyardspersonalized cool lanyards

Types of Cool Lanyards

Cool lanyards are flexible and can be used for so many things, one of the most popular use is for holding keys together. GS-JJ is a reputable name in the lanyard industry when it comes to producing cool lanyards for keys, our expertise is second to none, and we go the extra mile to ensure our cool lanyards for keys have the same quality which all our other products are known for.

Custom Cool lanyards are pretty similar to cool lanyard designs and structures; the only significant difference is the option of choosing your choice of design imprints and attachments to be used. At GS-JJ, we have a vast collection of custom cool lanyards made with premium quality materials and attachments.

To ensure the quality of our final products, we make use of state of the art equipment for production, and we employ the latest techniques in the art of lanyard production at all times.

Why Use Cool Lanyards?

Custom Cool lanyards can be seen in different types of organizations like hospitals and production firms to differentiate and identify the various categories of employees/ staff. This can be done by using a specific color scheme or design pattern. When designing Custom Cool lanyards, the name or job title of the individual is enclosed in a plastic case and attached to the lanyard.

Custom Cool Lanyards have so many uses, and when used as a marketing / promotional tool, the impact is mind-blowing. This is because, with custom lanyards, you have the opportunity of having your brand name, logo, website or image directly imprinted on them, and a lot of local and multinational companies take good advantage of this opportunity to promote their brand cost-effectively. As a small business owner, in search of marketing plans and ideas to promote your products and brand name, you should start thinking of incorporating custom lanyards into your marketing strategy.

Other Uses of Custom Cool Lanyards

Just like corporations, and companies, custom cool lanyards can be beneficial to a lot of people and can be used in so many other different places. Let’s take a look at some of them below;

Volunteers at Public Gatherings:

At major public gatherings with large numbers of people like Sports events, seminars, and political rallies. Volunteers help play key roles to ensure the flow of orderliness. They help usher participants and guests at these events and offer any form of assistance if need be. One of the easiest ways to spot volunteers is through their name tags or identification badges worn around their necks, and these forms of ID accessories are often attached to custom cool lanyards to make them stand out.

At the Gym:

Most gym and fitness centers usually have more than one trained instructor and fitness coache to help guide people who work out at their centers. It can be quite difficult to know their areas of specialization especially if you are a newcomer to that center. Most times you might even mistake a fellow trainee like yourself who came to work out for a gym instructor. The use of custom cool lanyards helps to identify these people at the gym, their name tags and roles are boldly written in clear fonts to help you differentiate their areas of specialization.

Hospitals & Health Workers:

Custom cool lanyards are very useful for health workers and in health facilities. In hospitals, for instance, there are different categories of health personnel like Nurses and Doctors alike. We have dentists, surgeons, pediatricians, Gynecologists e.t.c. Just like there are Matrons, Staff nurses, and student nurses.

Apart from their uniforms which vary, custom cool lanyards help to differentiate them with their name tags and ID cards. When attached to custom lanyards and worn over the head, these help to identify them easily.

Quality Lanyards at GS-JJ

GS-JJ is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Custom Cool Lanyards. We are synonymous with quality, and our products are well known for being durable, stylish, and easily affordable.

Our Custom Lanyards cheap are regarded as one of the finest in the industry, and we offer varied custom lanyards no minimum and other products such as keychains, wristbands, lapel pins. Irrespective of your design requirements, GS-JJ is well equipped to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today, and experience that amazing feeling got from using only the best quality custom lanyard cheap from GS-JJ.

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