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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Pins
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  • American Flag Lapel Pin
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  • Canadian Flag Lapel Pins
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Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are small pins worn on clothing, usually the lapel of a jacket that usually supports a cause, a government leader, or even a musical group. Traditionally, these pins have been prominent in politics, sports, and other public areas to show one’s allegiance to someone or something.

Most lapel pins are manufactured using an enamel process. This makes these pins brighter colored and extremely durable. Because true enamel is made from colored glass it doesn’t lose color over time.

The History of Lapel Pins

Enameling began in Ancient Egypt, where artists would solder write together to form a filigree. By 1200 BC, Greek artists are putting powdered glass into this type of filigree. This created the very bright colors that, in fact, shine even brighter in the light.

During the Yuan Dynasty in China (1271 to 1368 AD), enameling was refined even further and eventually became very popular during the Ming Dynasty.

Today, there is a number of processes that are used to make lapel pins, each giving a different result, but all of them create a durable and bright product.

Types of Lapel Pins

Enamel Pins

Today’s pin manufacturing is highly automated and can yield some amazing result.

There are a number of different processes that allow the designer to create many, many styles,

Cloisonné - hard enamel on sheets of copper

● soft enamel

● photo etching

● screen printing

● four-color processing, also known as offset printing

● photo doming

At, we use several different techniques to create custom lapel pins. With today’s design capabilities and rapid manufacturing processes, artisans can design and manufacture lapel pins at a fantastic pace. This makes custom-made lapel pins affordable and quick.

Sandblast Pins

One of the most popular styles of lapel pins doesn’t involve enamel but is sandblasted.

Often, the image that the client wants is raised and the space behind it is sandblasted. This gives the logo or image a clear look, while the background is a slightly sandblasted look.

Because these pins are all one color, either gold or silver, they are slightly more understated than a multi-color enamel pin.

Sandblasted pins often make great awards for accomplishments, particularly where the person might be wearing several at once.

They are also great for a fashion-conscious crowd. Rather than giving them a pin that has many different colors, sandblasted pins offer people a single color that they need to match jewelry and wardrobe to.

3D and cutout pins

3D pins are like wearable sculpture. A lions head or a family crest can be made into a pin that looks like it has been carved from the metal.

Similarly, cutout pins are dies struck to look like a relief of the image. These are often complex designs that include not only a foreground that usually has words but a background that can look like nearly anything.

3D and cutout pins are a dramatic departure from other pin styles. Because they are a full three-dimensional representation of the image, they can actually be designed to look like nearly anything.

Among the most popular designs are the full logo of a sports team, a landmark, like the Eiffel Tower, or even the head of a mascot animal. With GS-JJ’s advanced technology, the detail is breathtaking and can stand out in a crowd. Using the best materials, these pins are solid and can withstand normal wear-and-tear.

Offset printed pins

Offset printed pins are one of the most popular styles of pins because they are an image, printed on a pin that allows you all of the clarity of a photograph. The image is printed on a flat surface, but often the frame of the image is a 3D design that creates a dramatic design.

This type of pin is very popular for products where the images, such as abook or album cover or even a person’s portrait, are important to the messages.

These pins are very popular with political candidates, proffers and more. They allow for fantastic detail that is then sealed under clear enamel to preserve the image.

Lapel Pins for Men

Lapel pins, while worn by both men and women, are most popular on men’s dress suit. A pin in the lapel is a standard, even as a part of some military uniforms. These pins often express nationalism, a specific cause, or sports affiliation.

With today’s modern and affordable manufacturing processes, there are increasingly being created as gifts from corporations, used in small election campaigns, and even simply being handed out at birthday parties.

Flags on Lapels

Among the most common lapel pins are images of flags. Flags represent the location or the affiliation of a group of people. Of course, one can’t walk around carrying a flag, so putting one on a small pin can be a great way to show one’s pride or affiliation with a place or group.

National - In the United States, it’s rare to see a politician, male or female, who is not wearing a lapel pin of the US flag. In fact, some members of the press and political opposition will excoriate a politician who isn’t wearing one, implying or explicitly stating that he or she is not a patriot for not wearing a flag.

Often, when a politician appears before cameras with a pin that is not an American flag, the press will spend time explaining what the pin is and what it means.

Lapel pins, particularly in politics, are an important form of nonverbal communication.

States - Each state has its own flag and resident of that state tend to wear the flag of their home state to show their allegiance to the same. State pride is often a symbol of pride the state’s sports teams, students, student-athletes, or again, as a symbol of the group that one does or wishes to represent politically.

Cities - Larger cities, like Chicago, have flags that are often made into lapel pins. Tourists enjoy purchasing city (and state) flag lapel pins as souvenirs of theirs. Small, inexpensive, and easy to travel with, they make a perfect souvenir or as a gift for the folks back home.

Awareness Ribbons

Often, people will wear awareness ribbons that represent their support for groups that are affiliated via a cause of illness. There are many different ribbon pins in many colors. Each color is a symbol of a particular cause or illness.

These ribbons are a symbol of the illness or social issue that they are associated with. Wearing them typically states one's concern about the desire to raise awareness of that issue.

In many cases, awareness ribbons have multiple meanings. Also not always for illnesses or disorders, awareness ribbons exist to support troops, speak to political causes, and much more.

Lapel Pins in Politics

As mentioned above, lapel pins are important in politics around the world. This is not a new development. In the USSR, it was common to see pins with images of Vladimir Lenin on them. These pins would denote that person as an ardent supporter of the Communist government.

Similarly, billions of pins with Mao Zedong’s face were manufactured and worn during and after his lifetime. They were an outward symbol of one’s support for Chairman Mao and his ‘reforms.’

In totalitarian states, lapel pins are often used to stave off suspicion by authorities of disloyalty to the leader.

Lapel Pins for Clubs

Many clubs, from motorcycle clubs to farm groups, wear lapel pins. They are frequently very popular with members when they are not actively engaged with the group. For example, motorcycle clubs will have lapel pins to wear during the week, while at work, whereas they might wear a leather jacket with the club’s logo on it during the ride. Often, those jackets have lapel pins as well.

Armed Forces Lapel Pins

Militaries around the world have lapel pins that are often worn by veterans, parents, and friends of those who are that particular force. Sometimes the pins will even denote a specific such as the 82nd Airborne.

These pins will be worn with pride for decades by veterans and family members.

Lapel Pins without Lapels

The wearing of lapels pins if not restricted to just men’s suits and lapel. They are often worn on jackets, purses, backpack straps and more. In fact, these pins are as popular with women as men.

Women will often wear the lapel pins on the breast of dresses or even on the collar of their dresses. They are also often put onto the jacket of a pantsuit, even when there is no lapel.

Lapel Pins as Fundraisers

Because lapel pins are inexpensive, they make a great fundraising tool. One can purchase them for just a few cents each and then “sell” them and use the proceeds for a charity or a political campaign.

Many organizations, especially those that deal with illnesses and disorders, have been very successful in raising funds with lapel pins.

Corporate Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are also very popular with companies. A company logo on a pin is great to spread the word and spread the word about their brand.

Because these pins are now so inexpensive, nearly any company can afford to have pins made of their logo or slogan. Simply placing an order takes minutes and they are inexpensive enough to purchase for every employee and every customer, as well as every prospect.

Lapel Pin Tie Tacks

Many men wear lapel pins as tie tacks. Many pins are ideal for this use. Women will often wear them in cravats on a blouse as well.

The advantage to using lapel pins as tie tack is that you’re still wearing it when you take off your jacket.

Personalized Lapel Pins

With today’s manufacturing processes, it’s easy to get personalized pins made. The prices are incredibly low simply because the process is highly automated, once the design is uploaded to the machines.

A personalized design at GS-JJNaN starts with a design upload. This is then checked and rechecked by craftspeople to ensure that the design can be done well.

It’s then sent to machines that manufacture the entire pin. Each item is then hand-checked to ensure that it meets the company’s standards.

Looking stylish with Lapel Pins

Wearing lapels pins can do everything from state your opinion to add a bit of edge to a conservative suit. A Sex Pistols pin on a suit is a statement of one’s willingness to push the boundaries.

An advocacy pin on the suit is a brilliant way to let everyone know that you have a passion that is outside of work.

The right pin, in the right color, is an ideal way to accent what is normally a staid color in a standard cut. Even the finest, most expensive suits, are the same basic style and items. Lapel pins can add a bit of personalization and flair that will make everyone see that there is more to you than simply another suited worker.

Why choose GS-JJ?

GS-JJ is the number one custom pin manufacturer in the world. With offices in the United States and Canada, we are able to provide local service, in a time zone that works for the whole continent.

The projects are reviewed by designers both in North America and China. Once the design is exactly what you need it’s sent digitally to our state-of-the-art Chinese factory where the pins are manufactured to exacting standards.

Every shipment is inspected to make sure that the quality is perfect.

The order is then shipped directly to your doorstep. All of this happens in record time so that you can have your pins when and where you need them.

The team at GS-JJ has manufactured more pins than almost anyone in the world and each pin was custom-designed and ordered by our customers.

With a commitment to excellence in customer service, as well as manufacturing, GS-JJ is the ideal partner to deliver your custom-made pins right to your doorstep, all via our website.

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