Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series of HBO, created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, which is based on the storylines of A Song of Ice and Fire. It presents viewers the violent dynastic struggles among the realm’s noble families for the Iron Throne, while other families fight for their independence at the same time.

As one of the most popular series, all of us are crazy about those characters and plots, but also there are many important lessons to be learned.

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  1. Knowledge can help you survive. 

A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. We should take lifelong study as a habit in our life. Knowledge is indeed powerful weapon in the world of Game of Thrones, like Tyrion, he can as valuable as the fighters, and the same can be said for us.

Tyrion Lannister is a beloved character; even he is a dwarf, with stubby legs, mismatched eyes of green and black. He is well educated, knowledgeable and intelligent little man. Even though he is no warrior, he tries to use to his advantage and show his bravery in battle.

As Tyrion has stated that what he lacks in size will strength him in mental acuity and other aspects.

  1. Someone Who Won’t Listen Can’t Hear.

Lord Tywin Lannister is the head of the Lannister family, and he was characterized by being ruthless, cold, and he refuses to listen to others.

He insisted that Cersei marry “Knight of the Flowers”- Loras Tyrell to stabilize the relationship between the two families, and also want to make Tyrion’s marriage to keep great relations with the North. He is very arrogant, and did so many autocratic things without following other’s advice, and finally he was killed by the last person he thought.

As the Chinese Confucian saying, two heads are always better than one. If you go on your own way all the time, the whole world will be against with you.

  1. Never forgot what you promised.

We all know that marriage is one of the most serious things in the Middle Ages. The breaking of the marriage pact was merely a reason for the massacre.

The Red Wedding is that kind massacre during the War of the Five Kings arranged by Lord Walder Frey as revenge against King Robb Stark for breaking the marriage between House Stark and House Frey. It’s always been a great event to remember, or to be in shock.

In the series, Robb Stark was breaking his promise to wed Walder Frey’s daughter. While the old, creepy man acted like he didn’t care, that broken promise cost Robb’s life and many others.

It’s important to remember that yes, some promises can be broken but other times, you can’t undo the after effects of the more important broken promises.

A promise you don’t keep can catch up to you later in the game

  1. As a man sows, so he shall reap. 

Don’t be bad people in your Life, you should believe in karma.

We all make many choices in our lives. Most of the time, those choices are good and we end up with decent lives. However, for bad decisions, we will live with a little less-than-joyous. Let’s take Cersei Lannister, for example.

There’s no doubt she’s one of the most evil character in the entire Game of Thrones series and she gets her own way. At last, everything she’s done has come back to bite her right in the ass. She’s lost her children, her father, and now her brother is even plotting to take the Iron Throne right from under her.

  1. Valar Morghulis.

“All men must die.” Our favorite character will find their death at some cruel fate, sometimes.

This is consistent with the meaning given in the Game of Throne. We have better treasure everyday in life.

Peter Baelish, also known as Little finger, may be a notorious and somewhat seedy character, but he said something really stuck with us.

Everybody dies sooner or later. And don’t worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life for as long as it lasts.

Every day, we are confronted with decisions and setbacks in life, but we shouldn’t spend all of our time worrying about the future. Life is short; we have many things on our to-do list, we should live better and enjoyable. Game of Thrones is full of moral lessons and we can learn helpful tips to make a wonderful life.

The finally, winter is coming.

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