With the PVC patches market’s development, PVC patches have become a popular trend. A large number of fashion enthusiasts, corporate promoters began to customize a variety of special PVC patches. However, as an ordinary purchaser, it may not easy to distinguish the 2D PVC patches and 3D PVC patches. Today we are discussing with fans of PVC patches about how to distinguish 2D PVC patches and 3D PVC patches.

A) 2D PVC Patches

The most common 2-Dimensional PVC patch we are talking about often has two layers or more layers. If you look from the side view, you can see each of the layers are flat, it has no circular arc, no roundness or curvy feeling.

2D PVC Patches
2D PVC Patches

From this picture, we can see this PVC patch has about three layers and it is lumpiness. It looks like a combination of several pieces of PVC patches. All its layers are horizontal, no curvature, it is embossed 2D PVC Patches. We usually regard the background as the first layer, the layer on the first layer is called the second layer, and so on.

The bottom of the blue is the first layer, we often call it “base layer.” We often sew the Velcro backing on its backside according to customers’ requirements.

The second layer is all the elements on the first layer, such as the border, tower, blue rectangle and the top of words. Although there are many elements, they are all above the first layer,  the second layer is a hollow plane, and it is still flat.

Above the second layer is the third layer. It can be clearly seen that the text below “MNHCK” is on the second layer of the blue rectangle. So it is the third layer.

2D PVC patches’ each layer can be in the same horizontal plane or in a different plane level, just like a ladder. There are different high layers, but the surface of each layer is flat

B) 3D PVC Patches

3D PVC Patches can give us a sense of three-dimensionality and give us a vivid feeling. This 3D stereoscopic effect may be a layer, or it may have multiple layers, but its stereoscopic effect is derived from the curvature, and the 3D PVC patch may have one or more layers that are curved.

3D PVC Patches
3D PVC Patches

Source from: https://www.gs-jj.com/pvc-patches/exhibit/bee-pvc-keychain

From this PVC patches shown above, it just has only two layers, the background layer and the convex part layer. From the way shown on the layer, we can clearly see that the convex part is round and curved, more like the curvature of a real arm. The raised arms of this 3D PVC patches appear to be “engraved” in the blue layer, then add white color. The arm is linked together to the blue background. So the 3D touch is smooth and has no edges.


From this detailed picture, we will know the difference between 2D PVC patches and 3D PVC patches. The 3D pattern is more rounded and more prominent than the 2D pattern.

From the outside, the 2D text “P#6482” just like printed or written on the PVC patches. The 3D text “SR3” just like carved or pasted on the PVC patches.

Simply put, 2D PVC patches just like a staircase, it has many layers, but each layer is a horizontal plane. 3D PVC patches just like a small hill, with uneven places, but the raised parts are smooth and round.

Compared with the 2D patch and 3D patch, the 2D patch is cheaper than the 3D patch. 3D patch is more vivid than 2D patch. If you need to customize a large batch of PVC patches, and you need to control of the costs, you can choose the 2D process PVC patches. If you need to customize the animal and cartoon character PVC patches or PVC keychain, you can choose the 3D process because the 3D PVC patch is more stereoscopic and more realistic.

GS-JJ Company can customize PVC patches according to customer’s requirements. GS-JJ Company is a PVC patches’ manufacturer with 20 years of experience. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products and the best service. Welcome customers to consult and place an order. Our contact information is: Website: www.gs-jj.com, Email: info@gs-jj.com, Telephone: 18888644755





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