Looking to buy  Customized Pins ???

Here a few tips how to choose them….

Ham Hard enamel pins

Custom lapel pins!

Whether  if you are buying  for yourself, for a friend, or as a gift. These customized pins are the most personalized and memorable items to wear!

If you decide to customize one, so, take your design and add whatever you want to make it look incredible!

Depending of your project, you will definitely have in mind., that… The artwork and budget are important elements!

All our products are completely customized and the result of your project will be for sure, a beautiful pin.

Now, let’s see how to choose the perfect custom lapel pin!


What style of lapel pin is right for your needs?

Here is a quick guide:

  • Soft enamel: Extremely durable and vibrant colors!!!

This type of enamel pin is ideal for baseball trading pins or any other sport.

Companies used them for their Employees recognition,  corporate branding, fundraising and as souvenirs.

  • Hard enamel: They have a very high perceived value, so, due to highest quality, this makes it as a very durable pin.

For this specific characteristic, hard enamel is consider as a great choice for event pins, such a: conventions,  corporations, fraternities, sorority and political events.

  • Offset printed: You get unlimited choices of fonts and other design elements!!!

Because this type of since lapel pins is created from a digital file, you will get an exact reproduction. This will also,  give you a lower cost for your custom  design.

Ideal for playing the logo of your organization, charity, or special event.

You can start considering this option to promote special events, bands, theatrical shows, and art galleries.

  • Die struck – Sandbast: These elegant-looking pins have a classic look!  Using the die to stamp the copper, brass or iron.

Perfect for recognizing achievements and years of service milestones.

One of most common uses are for service awards, anniversaries, employee recognition, association membership.

  • 3D (Die Casting Pin): With a look that jewelry-like appearance, this style  have definitely a royal history and a legacy! it represents the beauty of ancient art.

Created Ideally for Commemorative special events and showcasing your brand and logo

  • Antique pins: This Custom Lapel Pins shows you a  great contemporary look with old world charm. If you are choosing an antique style, you can also, select one or two-tone  of the metal finish.

It will provide you the elegance itself. So, will be ideal for antique cameos, diamond brooches, and gem-set dress clips seal a winning look!

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