The annual graduation season is coming, are you worried about a thesis or a job? Take it easy, graduation is just one time, why not to be crazy, hereby, commemorating our youth that is fading away. Let’s look at their crazy as follows!

Crazy Things of Graduation

Princeton University: Out of That Door

There is a “Fitzrandolph gate” on the campus of Princeton University, built-in 1905 and only opened when important visitors and graduates leave school. Every year, new students pass through the gates to join the Princeton group, and each year’s graduates go through the gates, symbolizing their departure from school to society. Nevertheless, the rumor began that any student who had walked through the door would not graduate from school for four years. Although there is no real evidence, many students would rather believe it is true, and they want to take a step and try it. So can you challenge it?

University of Oxford: Throwing Garbage

There are many unwritten traditions at Oxford University. One of the most interesting is the prank celebration after the graduation exam – “trash”. The props are mostly flour, yogurt, eggs, pasta, and even students are attacked by their relatives and friends. In the same window, worse thrown, more popular students are when graduating. It is a shame for Oxford graduates to go out neatly. On this day, the dirtier, the deeper friend loves. Why not try it, although you take a shower after it!

Stanford University: Freak Show

One of the great traditions of Stanford commencement is to allow graduates to wear fancy clothes when they come in. Here, no graduates are dressed in academic dress. academic cap and the vertical cloth has become a foil, wildly funny costumes and extreme imagination of props is the leading role of the graduation ceremony.

California Institute of Technology: Truancy Day

Students at the California Institute of technology is famous for “working”, but, as the same with other universities of youth students, students can also create their own different memory. The annual “play truant” is a good chance for the students. On this day, graduating students would leave their dorm locked with cable, steel bar, and even computer password, leaving only some clues to suggest how to open the door, then all leave school and left lower grade students thinking all day how to enter here and get “loot” — the fourth-grade students of food left. The annual “war” has often left both sides exhausted and happy.

The popular way of all university students is to make Bachelor’s hat. Students can draw anything on it. Sometimes, many caps are humorous. In this way, students want to convey their hard-working to get a degree, and others expressing their excitement about finishing their studies. Some thanks to people who help get a college degree, including parents, gods, and even singer Taylor swift, and even the pet cat has taken a place on the cap. There are also full of popular culture factors in some bachelor’s hat, and inspiration comes from the novel “harry potter“, the musical “Hamilton, Disney movies” Guillermo girl “, “friends” and so on. Wow, you can design it by your hands, exciting, right? Do some crazy things before we are getting old.

Before we graduate, besides these crazy things, what else things you need to do? lets us look at a tree as follows.

graduation tree
graduation tree

Now, are you looking for a chance to try them? It is our crazy time.

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