There have been divergent views of umbrella invention, some say that the Egyptians used the earliest umbrella, as early as 1200 BC.

Also they say the Egyptian aristocrats travel often to slaves for them to support the sun umbrella; then that the Romans used the umbrella to cover the sunshine of the Mediterranean.

So after all, the umbrella is a shade or a tool for covering rain and protect from the sun, but these days we make special creations with it.

Cute and lovely  Custom Lapel Pins accessories for  any apparel or occasions.

In Great Britain was  established the umbrella museum in 1969. In it we can appreciate it was a woman’s product and  history tells, it showed attitude towards love, so let’s mention a few ex.

– Put the umbrella up to that love is unswerving;

-Left hand holding the umbrella, said, “I do not have free time now.”

-The umbrella slowly shaking, that there is no confidence or no trust;

So, in England the umbrella is an indispensable part of British life, because it has been a symbol of the traditional British life.

As a result,  GS-JJ has created this Umbrella Custom Lapel Pins, it shows flowers and elegant design, this umbrella Custom Hard Enamel Pins were crafted by hard enamel, die struck with dye finish.

With gold metal finish that gives an elegant and unique piece of art.

The craft is very delicate and with vivid colors and perfect finish. We include for free individually poly bag and free shipping.

GS-JJ can provide many different personalized pins, including custom hard enamel pins at the lowest price.

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