Wearing our superior quality Los Angeles Dodgers lapel pins on your jacket or hat to express your deep love of Dodgers and attend each of their tournaments to support as well as cheer for them.

Dodgers Lapel Pins
Dodgers Lapel Pins

Origin of Dodgers

The dodgers are a famous professional baseball team in America, formed in 1884 in Brooklyn, New York. The team was once called “Groom’s team” because there are six players who were married in 1888. Due public transport of Brooklyn has developed rapidly at that time, the team also called Trolley Dodgers (tram Dodgers), as last referred to as “Dodgers “, has moved to Los Angeles in 1958.


Logo of 60th Anniversary Dodgers

The logo features 10 stars on the surrounding border, each pennant won by the Dodgers since moving to LA (1959, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1988, and 2017). Especially, five of the stars are silver, representing the five World Series championships won in Los Angeles. There is a depiction of the LA City Hall building in the logo, with “Dodgers” over the top. At the top are the club’s years in Los Angeles (1958-2018) and at the bottom is the number 60 broken up by “Los Angeles.”

Dodgers’ director of graphic design by Ross Yoshida has detailed some of the features in the logo.

Los Angeles dodgers lapel pins
Los Angeles dodgers lapel pins

Baseball- America’s pastime

Nothing can be more exciting than sitting in your favorite ballpark and watching your favorite team with a hot dog in one hand and an ice-cold beer on the other hand on a hot, sunny day. Nowadays, this scene has been a symbol of American culture. Baseball has around 60, 70 years history, from the decline time to expansion even to the long ball era. The sport is popular in Americans and it always will be.


Custom Los Angeles Dodgers Lapel Pins

Wear our Los Angeles Dodgers lapel pins to commemorate the 60th anniversary.

  • Our Los Angeles Dodgers lapel pins are 1.5″ Soft enamel pins, crafted of select jeweler’s metal, silver-plated and filled with enamel color.
  • Each pin includes two standard clutches back that will keep this pin securely in place on your garment.
  • Price can offer to you with different size and different quantity, Here is the price list from our Automated Quotation System for Custom Lapel Pins, you can choose depending on your ideas (size, quantity).
Los Angeles Dodgers Lapel pins & Price List
Los Angeles Dodgers Lapel pins & Price List

Custom Baseball Trading Pins

GS-JJ has the largest selection of custom baseball pins available anywhere.

  • Custom baseball trading pins are a great way to award and encourage your members of the team. It is also perfect for baseball tournaments and more.
  • Baseball trading pins are a part of the baseball tradition same as baseball hat and baseball T-shirt. When it comes to baseball trading pins, your Number One source is GS-JJ.
  • You can create your custom baseball trading pins with soft enamel or offset printed, just the manufacturer of the process is different, will display the, unlike outlook.

Offset printed trading pins VS Soft enamel trading pins

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