This is a huge change about medals! Today, we are honored to have invited Carry ( A popular cake maker ) and Lucy ( A professional patch maker).

(A burst of applause……)

Host: Welcome, you guys, to the show. I heard you two are good friends. Right?

Carry and Lucy : Yes!

Host: OK. I’d like to ask you one question – What inspired you about Integrating medals into your life? As we all know, custom medals are seen in the race or company like these metal medals.


Carry: YES! But, in a small family or a small team, customizing some custom medals seem to be unnecessary. For example, when you are a child, if you achieve a success or make progress in academy, your parents want to award you. Customizing a medal? Obviously it’s not cost-effective. Based on the example, I was just wondering why I can’t design the medal cake. People can eat, and can convey award meaning.

Host: Wow! A little problem can give you a great idea! Nice! So, how about you, Lucy?

Lucy: My inspiration is from Carry’s cake.

Host: Carry’s cake? How to say?

Lucy: When carry took her first cake to my house. I was amazing about her medal cake. You can eat the medal! When I ate, I seemed to be pride of myself. I’ve never felt so real! At that time, I was wondering that if medal can be eaten, why can’t it worn on the cloth? So, I tried to make a medal patch so that they can worn on cloth.

Host: No wonder that you are good friends. I think that our audience can’t wait to see your work. Carry, can you simply introduce your medal cake?

Carry: Of course, in general, our medal maker keep the shape and elements of metal medals like ribbon or trophies or numbers like ” 1″. The gold color is also considered.

medal cake

Host: The medal cake looks like delicious and vivid.

Carry: That’s right! Our medal cake can appeal you in the race or family. After each event is finished or your children achieve a success, and needs to celebrate, medal maker is necessary. You can share the honor with your friends. It’s not expensive and don’t have too much cake. Of course, if you need medal cup cakes, medal cookies or a customized medal cake, they can be designed according to your requirements.


You can also see this video:

Source: From Montreal Confections  website:

Host: I believe that our audience must taste it! So, Lucy, what’s your works?

Lucy: Ha-ha, carry’s medal cake is very beautiful. But my medal patches are also delicate. Our medal patches remove the loops. After all, it needn’t to wear it. We only sew or sticker it on your cloth to make cloth more unique. When you wear it, you may be take pride in yourself. You can wear your cloth with medal patches everyday only if you like.

Host: Does your medal patches are customized?

Lucy: You can customized or you can choose our stock medal patches. Our stock medal patches are high quality and popular according to metal medals. I take some medal patches for our audience.


Host: Can I take one? Ha-ha……

Lucy: Of course.

Host: I want to interview the audience. are you willing to buy a medal cake or medal patches? Give your reasons.

(Lots of people hold their hands.)

Vivian ( Audience ) : I am Vivian from a small club. Although metal medals have a big market, but if I am not the holder of one big event, I am definitely willing to buy them. Firstly, they are not very expensive. Secondly, eating and wearing are practical. Thirdly, they are no minimum because you can buy one. Why not try it?

Host: Thank you, Vivian. I think that some people will have the same thought with you. Please welcome our Carry and Lucy again. See all of you guys next time!



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