Here We show you its process of the Cloisonne Pins!

A high luster and durability is an ancient metalworking technique.

This Technique is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items.

For a long time now, the Chinese cloisonne process has a history of over 600 years old.

…and is the most well-known, also is highly prized by collectors.




Cloisonne process.

  • First thing we should do, is basically give the form with the metal, either copper or brass and then it will go into the shape of a finished object.
  • Then using a pruning tool, we carefully cut the outer shape of your lapel pins.
  • The Cloisonne uses a “Frit” technique consists in the use of crushed glass, all the way until its converted to a powder, and then is mixed with water to create a paste.

So, the paste will fill the recessed areas of your design.

  • After all the recessed areas are filled, we bake the pin and the frit melts and flows smoothly and fills all voids.

Several repetitions of the process may ensue to build up the coatings to the height of the partitions.

  • Another and important part of this process is the cooling, and to give them a polished into a smooth surface with several series of stones.
  • Finally, we apply a thin film of gold to the metal surface, to prevent corrosion and to give a pleasing appearance.


One of the benefits of Cloisonné pins are that they are feature as a jewelry.

Also, the great finish quality gives a very high perceived value.

Beautiful and bright color with lustrous & transparent look, makes of this Pins the highest quality lapel pins.

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Cloisonne Pins_Popsicle- GSJJ
Cloisonne Pins_Popsicle- GSJJ
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