OEIS Investigations and Security is one of the most sophisticated firm in Canada. They are a Full-Service Private Investigation and Surveillance Firm, with contacts conveniently located in Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East. They provide Professional Investigating and VIP Security Services for Corporations and Private Individuals, as a leading private investigation corporation, they are recognized as a proven leader capable of offering the highest quality investigative services. These professional services help clients to determine the legitimacy of suspect claims that at times, tend to be present within the corporate spectrum. If you are hunting for a private investigator in Toronto, Mississauga, the Golden Horse shoe, USA, Europe, or the Middle East, they will serve and honor.

They are an internationally recognized private investigation firm with agents in every corner of a country, a city, a village, a town, and our Corporate Head Office is Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA. They currently have three locations to serve you better. OEIS continues to maintain close ties to municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, having created strong strategic global affiliations, it enables the company to provide Intelligence Investigation and VIP Security Services. The investigative firm utilizes skilled and qualified experts in the field of investigations, licensed private detectives will work diligently to find you answers and solutions.

The OEIS team is made up of the leading private investigators who are extremely qualified and carry with them an abundance of expertise.

Our company, GS-JJ lapel pin maker, made OEIS Lapel Pins. This excellent product is crafted by soft enamel, die struck with gold finish. The craft is very delicate, each are individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different Custom Lapel Pins, including Custom Enamel Pins at the lowest price.


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  1. I’ve been googling the internet for some related information, but haven’t
    found anything as good as what you have here.
    I must say i, need to improve my Tumblr design. What do you
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    1. Hello, We used soft enamel material to customize this lapel pin. And the Gold finish allows to give a great fancy looking. We are open to quote and help you with design.

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