Here a few things to know about Promo Lapel Pins!

The Offset Printed Lapel Pins, one of the best cheap pins for any event.

If your design has a great amount of detail or a wide range of colors, these pins will be perfect and affordable for you!

Offset Printed Pins
Offset Printed Pins




When your design requires fine lines and details in a specific color range rather than in metal?

Or maybe your image is a painting or photograph this printed pin is an excellent choice!

If your original design has color gradients or if you need to retain the integrity and detail of your artwork then…

Offset printed lapel pins give you maximum flexibility without altering or distorting your design.

Baseball Pins_ Lapel Pins
Baseball Pins_ Lapel Pins

GS-JJ is prepared with great machines, we use new printing technologies and that way each design is printed directly onto the pin.

This not only will bring great value to you, but it will also help you to accomplish what you want to do.

Our offset printed lapel pins are thin, lightweight, and inexpensive.

Also,  offers a variety of colors, color combinations, and color gradients, such as gradients.

Custom Pin_Lapel Pins
Custom Pin_Lapel Pins

They are the best options for turning a photo or piece of art into a lapel pin.

Often used for small businesses, Corporations, organizations, not-for-profits, groups, and Trading pins for softball or soccer teams.

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