Private Schools Uniforms !

Most of private schools have uniforms for their students. Usually is common they have Embroidered Patches or Soft Enamel Pins.

Here we will show you a few designs of  how different schools and private institutions design their accessories for the uniforms.

This  Alumni Foundation, most of all, represents an organization to benefit Montgomery High School.

HP Lapel Pins UK   in which one the details their Logo is easily appreciate it!

As a result, this creation is elegant and representative because, the material gives perfect shape and finish touch.

Furthermore, are quick and affordable.

In  soft enamel  pins  you will appreciate the shiny gold finish.

Being an authentic craft, this represents a delicate and very used accessory this days for much and much private institutions.

GS-JJ as a experienced manufacturer of Soft Enamel lapel pins,  brings  to your Institutions Identity and branding improve.

Also, Pearl River High School is a fantastic school serving students in Pearl River School District.

Located in Rockland County, approximately 20 miles north of New York City.

Consistently this institution supports their children’s academic success through involvement in their education and has created this enamel pins for the students.

Most noteworthy they support the schools through annual positive budget votes.

GS-JJ has helped Pearl River High School Die Struck Pins   with this craft by soft enamel , die struck with gold finish.

What about trying to design this originals  GS-JJ can provide many different award pins, including die struck pins at the lowest price.


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