Maybe thinking in promote your state!

Have a retail souvenir  store in Alaska? the USA Flags Lapel Pin are perfect for you…

GS-JJ is a Lapel Pin Manufacturer has created incredible designs of Alaska Flags and any other USA Flags Lapel Pin.

A great opportunity to promote your state ans visitors can take as a souvenir for their trip to Alaska.

Please look to this  Alaska USA lapel pin flag, background is dark blue, a big star on upper right corner on it.

At the same time, the Big Dipper is opposite to the big star.

It is simple and beautiful.

Alaska and USA Crossed Flag Pins
Alaska and USA Crossed Flag Pins
Alaska flag lapel pin
Alaska flag lapel pin
American flag cross lapel pin
American flag cross lapel pin


Being the largest state in the United States by area..

And the seventh largest sub-national division in the world, this USA flags Lapel Pin will bring to your store a lot of sales!

Even, if it is  the 3rd least populous and the most sparsely populated of the 50 United States;

For sure this state have a lot of visitors during the summer time!

Its landmarks, definitely are amazing and people loves to have a memory of that state.

What better way to do it that with a USA Flags Lapel Pins...

Affordable, cute, small, and great looking!

When people visit this state they enjoy of fishing natural resources which it has in abundance.

This amazing state flag lapel pin represents its simplicity, originality, and symbolism that was created by Benny Benson symbolizing strength.

USA Lapel Pin Flag are crafted by soft enamel with dies struck and a wonderful gold finish.

GS-JJ can provide many different stock lapel pins and lapel pins at the lowest price.

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