Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

They are American hotels and leisure company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. One of the world’s largest hotel companies, it owns, operates, franchises and manages many properties, such as hotels, resorts, spas, residences, and vacation under its nine owned brands.

In 1999, Starwood launched its “W” Hotels brand, as one of luxury fashion lifestyle brands. W Hotels is an iconic lifestyle brand that boldly colors outside the lines of luxury. It is Starwood’s luxury boutique hotel brand, generally marketed towards a younger crowd, dedicated to creating an innovative guest experience.

As the brand of Starwood Hotels and Resorts International Group, W hotel is the sister brand of luxury hotels such as St. Regis, Westin and Sheraton hotel, and so on. There are currently 33 hotels in the world’s most dynamic cities.

Though the hotels vary from newly built flagship properties to more modest conversions of previous hotels, they have a common theme of spare, minimalist modern decor and hip, informal names for categories of rooms and public areas. For example, the lobbies of all the hotels are known as the “Living Room.” W Hotels attempt to include the letter W wherever possible – the swimming pool is known as “Wet”, the concierge is known as “Whatever Whenever”, the laundry bag in every room is known as “Wash”, and so on. It’s the unique W style.

The below custom medals are for the great employees work in W Hotels. Award the best staff with this Laureate Awards Medals. These shiny custom medal features with highly polished in gold, printed with “Laureate” in the middle to create a simple but grace style the same as W hotel concept. On the back, only the 3D “W” in blue enamel color engraved. So beautiful award medals! If you have any requirement for custom made medals, contact GS-JJ.

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