Nowadays, many buyers don’t like the merchandise inventory, because they prefer to customized medals to show its difference and keep pace with the times by adding their designs. When you face lots of stores online, you must be confused to order medals online and don’t know how to choose the best custom medal maker according to your requirements. Reading on and you will find a suitable one for you.

Basing on the keywords – CUSTOM MEDALS, you will find lots of information about merchants. I choose some for you!

1) GS-JJ

GS-JJ has been over 20 years in the manufacturing of promotional gifts merchandise like custom lapel pins, patches, challenge coins, medals, etc. They pay more attention to customization. GS-JJ only believes customer evaluation and design the products that customers are satisfied with. It has four years to receive the “Best Supplier Awards” from SAGE. It has cooperated with some large distributors. That is to say, GS-JJ is a manufacturer and you can enjoy the cheapest price when you skip the middleman. GS-JJ provides real photos about products, so you can clearly feel the shapes, colors, and sizes about them. Don’t worry that you don’t know well. No matter you are the first buyers or regular customers, you will know more information. Each classification has a detailed introduction in texts including types, crafts, price, or else. And each product has some relevant descriptions including usage, crafts, or else. Moreover, you can see interesting blogs about products each week. As for the Automated Quotation System, You just have to do the choice questions. In addition, GS-JJ has custom medals no minimum. Of course, the price is the lowest. Usually, it has 40% off.

Telephone: 18888644755 / 909-895-4700

FAX: 909-839-4501



2) Crown Awards

Crown Awards is an American’s largest awards manufacturer with 35 years. Therefore, it has skilled craftsmanship. The quality is satisfying. When you enter, you will find lots of types of custom medals. However, you need to spend some time looking and knowing about the information. In unit price, it seems to be attractive. Nevertheless, it needs 3 or 4 weeks to produce medals. In addition, it has a minimum order – 50. For some urgent orders, they won’t be made. And if you want to make less than 50, maybe they won’t accept or the price is not cheap. Moreover, some free policies are limited like ” free ground shipping on prepaid orders of trophies and plaques of $100 or more in value; Other award styles do not qualify for free shipping”. You need to study carefully.

Telephone: 1-800-227-1557

FAX: 1-800-347-7566





It ranks fourth. When you click in, the page is not crowded and you will be easy to find what you need. Still, you will be puzzled with the price because they don’t provide a price table according to some sizes or else. It also has free shipping policies but is limited.

Telephone: 1-888-462-5008

FAX: 651-408-1119




4) Mission Awards

Mission Awards is established in 2002. When you enter the website, you only find the picture but it is a real product. You will feel the look of products by eyes. That’s to say, you won’t find some text description and only use your intuition to know about them. And the price doesn’t offer. You need to contact them by telephone, fax, email, or else. Maybe the speed is slow.

Telephone: 866-396-5481

FAX: 231-276-7682



5)Express Medals

It hasn’t an automated quotation system. All information need you to fill in by texts not to be chosen. For some first buyers, if you don’t know some details about products, your medals are easy to be designed wrong. Their delivery time is fast and the price is almost competitive. However, it has a minimum quantity of custom medals. In addition, their custom medals are mostly stock.

Telephone: 855- 633 – 2570



Of course, there are many other stores that I can’t show one by one. But there are some tips that you may use.

  • Seeing customer evaluation. Customer evaluation usually reflects the good or bad of the company. Other buyers evaluated their shopping and you can be noticed. You can especially for watching the score (5 points). The higher points, the better.
  • Watching the details. Generally speaking, Only companies with a willing heart has produced things more perfectly. They want customers to know more information and they place an order. They don’t hope that customers are cheated or impulse buying. So they improve website information and provide more overall details. They more focus on customer satisfaction and ordering again. More details, more sincerity.
  • Noticing other certifications. If one company can provide more certifications, you must have lost faith in its company. Right?
  • Knowing its establishment. To some degree, a company has a long history, which proves that it has skilled crafts and stable materials. As the proverb goes, practice makes perfect. The company has much experience is reassuring in quality.
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