In our previous blog, we showed you how to choose the right backing according to the different materials of your clothes. We have several different backing, such as Iron On, Velcro, Adhesive, Sew-on, etc. How to choose the most suitable backing about Custom Patches? Choosing to back is the most direct and basic method according to the material of the clothes. But according to personal needs, there are other factors that you need to seriously consider. Just as every backing has its advantages and disadvantages, we can help you decide which is right for your needs. And we will give you a detailed introduction below.

Well, when you are ready to choose the right backing, please answer the following questions first:

  • Do you want to attach them permanently to their clothes?
  • Do you want to be able to remove and reattach them easily?
  • Do you want to be faster, simpler, or more firmly attachment method?

After answering these questions, how to choose the most suitable backing will also be solved.

Sew-on backing can be sewed directly on the clothes. This is the most common way and the most permanent way. It’s also a firm way. Sew-on patches can be permanently attached to your clothes, it will not loose in any case. And it is also convenient for cleaning. The only drawback to this kind of backing is that it is a little difficult to sew it up, which requires your sewing technique, otherwise, it will affect the beauty of the patch. Of course, if you are good at sewing technique, this is not a problem for you.

Iron-on backing needs to be used to the iron. Put the hot iron on the patch, and hold it for about 20 to 30 seconds. Melt the adhesive onto the clothes and fix the patches onto the clothes. This is the simplest method of permanent fixation. Of course, the time it attaches to clothes is certainly not long enough for sew-on backing, but there is no problem with our daily reuse. It is even possible that when we wear this garment, our patch will still be attached to it. Of course, it’s just a little joke.

Velcro backing can be directly attached to clothes. It can be pasted and replaced anytime and anywhere. This style is ideal for military uniforms and other environments that may require frequent removal of patches. This is the advantage of the Velcro backing. But its fixity is not as good as the other two. And another important point is that Velcro does not apply to many clothing materials, such as leather. For this, you can refer to our previous blog.

The way of using adhesive backing is similar to Velcro backing, which is directly attached to clothes. Compared with Velcro backing, adhesive backing can be applied to more clothing materials. But its reuse rate is less than the Velcro backing. That is to say, although the adhesive patch is attached to the clothes can be torn down at will, but after a few times, its stickiness will drop so that it can’t be put up again. For this shortcoming, you may have some concerns about adhesives patches. But don’t worry, just like our products are all of the high quality. When it is not sticky, you can sew it again to attach to your clothes to achieve the purpose of reuse.

Have you already understood how to choose the right custom patches’ attachment method? We will guide you through every step to explain the process and what will works best for your custom patches design. Any questions you can email or call 1-888-864-4755 toll-free.

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