Keychain attachment is the tool that is used to carry a string of keys. The key ring is complemented by a decorative part, the keychain, which is a common accessory in everyday life. The PVC keychain consists of a PVC part and a metal key ring part. The PVC part plays a decorative role, and the metal key ring part plays a functional role. The key ring is made of metal such as copper, iron, stainless steel or alloy. Although they are made of metal, they are small, lightweight and durable. The intro, elegant, polished design of the key ring has also been loved by everyone. This article will introduce you to several common metal key rings.

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Split Ring with Chain

The split ring added the chain has become a key ring. The necessary part of a keychain is the split ring and the chain part. The split ring can be connected to any keys. The chain part links the decoration; it can link a PVC piece or a doll toy. Don’t look at such a metal ring with a diameter of about 1 inch, but it can also be chained into more than ten keys, and can be chained into other objects.

Carabiner Clip

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Carabiner Clip, also known as D-Ring Spring Loaded Gate. It looks like a letter “D” from its shape. Generally it will be larger than the split ring, and the stainless steel polished design is ideal for adding some nice colors. The nice color on the Carabiner Clip is added by the paint, which is a nice keychain in itself. The open spring design allows you to open a mouth with just one press, so you can string in any decoration you like and if you want, you can also hang it on the bag by using it, which is very convenient and light. It can be easily removed with a single push. Because it is very rugged, it is often used as a safety buckle.

Lobster Clasp

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This lobster-like keychain is a lobster clasp with a 360-degree swivel base. Lobster Clasp differs from the Carabiner Clip in that it requires a switch to be pressed down to open it; just undo the switch to close the opening. Its opening ring is very small and can only be hung as a hook in a backpack or the like. The opening ring cannot be chained into keys and accessories, the key and accessories can only be hung on its base. Its base is not a split ring, so it is necessary to match some of the rings of the split ring to string the keys and other decorations. Lobster Clasp is the smallest of several key rings and is relatively safe. It can’t be removed without hanging the switch on the backpack.

Spring Loaded Clasp

This Spring Loaded Clasp is very similar to the lobster clasp, but its open switch is on the back of the opening and the open ring is larger than the lobster clasp. Spring loaded clasp can open the opening without pressing the switch. It only needs to press the opening at the place where it needs to be hung, and the spring will be bounced by the external force. However, the spring cannot be opened from the inside by external force, which requires pressing the switch on the back to open the spring. This design makes it easy for us to hang the keychain and protect the keychain from falling off. The base is also the same as the base of the lobster clasp, which can be rotated 360, which is very convenient. Sit down with a split ring to join the key and PVC parts and more.

The four key attachments above are our most common key rings, and some key rings have been developed on the basis of these key rings. The key ring with switch makes it easy for us to hang up and remove the keychain; the original split ring key ring is the most classic key accessory. Of course, the keychain is not only the function of storing the key, but now it plays the biggest role in decoration. A delicate key ring with good-looking decorate items can be hung on the bag, backpack and clothes. The keychain has also become a favorite item in people’s daily lives, ranking first among the most popular gifts.

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