Navy Challenge Coins are great choices!

You can see the logo is featured in white print on your favorite T-shirt, jacket sleeves, hat etc.

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Skull and crossbones

For the heroes, carrying Navy challenge coins is a way of carrying their identity, recognition and honor.

US Navy challenge coins are dedicated to all Navy personnel who serve in U.S. Navy.

With an unique design, this well-made custom challenge coin that has some unique and sharp skull and crossbones looking design, you can know it from its appearance.

This design,  represents the unit identification insignia or a victory flag. Here a few pictures how your challenge coins for the U.S. Navy will look!

Navy challenge coins designs..

US Navy Challenge Coins-GSJJ
US Navy Challenge Coins-GSJJ

It should be dates backing to its origin. In the nineteenth century, pirates roamed the seas. The pirates would sail the world seeking gold, gemstone or new island and a variety of pirate loot.

The United States Navy can and will at all times destroy any sea going pirate and will launch hell upon its enemies. The United States Navy has had a long and wonderful history of defending America at sea, bringing highly trained, committed soldiers and equipment to protect our freedoms and safety.

US Navy Challenge Coins_ back -GSJJ
US Navy Challenge Coins_ back -GSJJ

For the Navy force, the skulls and bones are an icon represents pirating throughout the centuries stands as reminder that all is not safe and merry when one is at sea…

And what’s more, it symbolizes honor unto death in the protection of the homeland and nation.

GS-JJ always make such a beautiful finishes, all this allow to our Navy challenge coins have very details on it and shiny colors.

Normally in each coin we can add an unique message and the images you need to include!

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