Nowadays, the world goes towards the mission of resource-saving. More and more people join the big family by doing subtle things to change the world. 2020 Olympics will behold in Tokyo. Although we can’t participate in the competition or come to the scene and cheer, we also can do small things for the Olympics. How? Firstly, we review the custom Olympic medals in Rio Olympic Games.

  1. According to the Brazilian Olympic Committee, 30 percent of the silver medals produced were recovered from waste mirrors and x-rays. Copper, which makes bronze, is 40 percent of the waste from the mint itself.
  2. The ribbons are made from recycled plastic from old bottles and will be worn around the necks of the world’s best athletes.
  3. Each medal has a wooden box with the emblem of the Olympic Games, and the material of the wooden box can be recycled.

RIO olympic medals

From the above, we can find that the Olympic games began to fulfill the idea of resource-saving. In Tokyo Olympic Games, the committee is exploring a saving plan for making the bronze, silver, and gold medals, which are awarded to winning athletes. By using precious metals that are recycled from old electronics, it can save money and materials. Japan has many smartphones and other small handheld electronics in the world because they have some big electronic companies. You may don’t know that Olympic gold medals aren’t gold. Generally speaking, Olympic gold medals are required to contain at least 6 grams of gold and made from a minimum of 92.5% silver. In response to the expected shortfall, the organizing committee for the Games is aggressively stepping up its efforts to collect more dumped electronics. It has built thousands of collection sites in Japan, most of which are at post offices. The committee will also promote efforts with universities and department stores to cover a wide net. Recycling is a good way of making medals without resources wasted. If you have a broken smartphone, why not donate them? Maybe medals athletes wear are made up of your thing. Yes, you can do a subtle thing for Olympics!

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