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With the selected collection of well-designed templates, elements, and fonts, the Online Design System makes it easy to create your one-in-a-kind custom pins, coins, patches and more... Explore Now!

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Fantastic Elements

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Various Cool Fonts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
Bodybuilding Championships Award Medals
Bodybuilding Championships Award Medals
3.5" Bodybuilding Medals with Antique Gold Finish.
Bons Temps Triathletes Medals
Bons Temps Triathletes Medals
3" Bons Temps Triathletes Medals with Dye Black Finish.
5K Glitter Race Medals
5K Glitter Race Medals
3" 5K Glitter Race Medals with Shiny Gold
MD Challenge Cup Race Medals
MD Challenge Cup Race Medals
3" MD Challenge Cup Race Medals with Brass Finished and Soft Enamel Crafted
Adizero 5k Race Medals
Adizero 5k Race Medals
3” Adizero 5k Race Medals with Antique Silver Finish
Custom Printed Medals for Triathlon
Custom Printed Medals for Triathlon
3” Custom Printed Medals for Triathlon with Shiny Silver Finish
 Wrestling Race Medals
Wrestling Race Medals
3" Wrestling Race Medals with Silver Finish
Championship Custom Medals
Championship Custom Medals
1.7" Championship Custom Medals with Antique Copper Finished
2018 Powerlifting Race Medals
2018 Powerlifting Race Medals
3" 2018 Powerlifting Race Medals with Copper Finished
Kung Fu Custom Race Medals
Kung Fu Custom Race Medals
2" Kung Fu custom race medals with gold finish.
The World Teakwondo Custom Medals
The World Teakwondo Custom Medals
3" Custom medals for the World Teakwondo Junior Championships with silver finish.
45NRTH Fat-Bike Series Custom Race Medals
45NRTH Fat-Bike Series Custom Race Medals
2.5" 45NRTH Fat-Bike Race Series Custom Soft Enamel Medals with rose-pink finish.
Dragon Boat Custom Antique Medals
Dragon Boat Custom Antique Medals
2" Custom Dragon Boat medals with antique gold finish.
Visual Arts Custom Sandblast medals
Visual Arts Custom Sandblast medals
3" Visual Art custom sandblast medals with rose gold finish.
Custom Race Medals for Vulture Bait Trail Race
Custom Race Medals for Vulture Bait Trail Race
3" Custom Soft Enamel Medals, custom race medals with silver finish.
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You will not regret looking at high quality medals here! DON'T MISS THEM!
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Best Race Medals Online

Where do they come from and Why it is important?

Vulture Bait Trail Races Custom Medals

●  The Beginning of Race Medals

Close to 2,500 years ago, the Greek messenger Pheidippides created what we regard as the modern-day marathon, running 25-miles from the town of Marathon to Athens. It was a new kind of concept, rewarding the running at the end with his race medal.

● Let Your Race Medals Make A Speech

- A small goal is achieved in life.
- A special reward and honor for finishing a challenging race.
- A unique and personalized gift that runners took effort and sweats.
- A chance for improving their patience, passion and courage.

Awarding runners with racing medals will make them proudly display and motivate them to join the race every year!

Custom Race Medals with Your Logo

●Order From 1pc

●Fast & Free Air Shipping

●As Low As 1.057/pc

●Up to 30% Discounts

Bulk Personalized Race Medals Templates Online

5k Running Medal

5k Running Medal

Half- Marathon Medal

Half- Marathon Medal

Virtual Halloween Run Medal

Virtual Halloween Run Medal

City Competition Race Medal

City Competition Race Medal

Running Race Medal

Running Race Medal

Race Medals 2021

Race Medals 2021

Race Finishers Medal

Race Finishers Medal

10k Running Medal

10k Running Medal

       Browse All Race Medal TemplatesAny Questions?Contact Us

7 Featured Choices of Custom Medals for Races

● Custom 3D Race Medals

Steroeffect and delicate medals in the running.

● Custom Spin Finisher Medals

Rotate apparel and make your race medals funny right away!

● Custom Printed Marathon Medals

Rush UV print and get photo-realistic effects. Fast way to take them away!

● Custom Cut-out Running Medals

Hollow-carved design with zinc die-cast crafts.

● Custom Bottle Opener 5K Running Medals

Cheers up after racing and use bottle opener race medals to open beers. isn't it a good idea?

● Custom Glow in the Dark Medals for Races

Brighten up in the dark when they are displayed the walls. Does it bring back memories of the race?

● Custom Dog Tag Race Medals

It is popular for dogs at special race events like Veteran's Day.

It doesn't matter which race medals you use to award runners, we can make it with your logo.

race medals display
Olympics Race for Women
marathon race
running race

Ordering Race Medals is Easy Here

Make Your Own Custom Medals in Just a Few Clicks

Design   Online Design System


Motivate your medal making spirits and play with your medal design. Be Your Own Designer!
500+ medal design templates and hundreds of elements for you to select.  Or upload your medal artwork.
Take pride in giving out medallions you created yourself!
Design It Yourself Online

Choose   Professional Design Team

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Talk to a specialist! Our team is dedicated to helping you make your custom designs the best they can be.
Quick and easy! Save time and money when you come to us with your preferred specs and designs. We will proof and edit it for free.
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How to Design Your Race Medals and Medallions?

We know that personalized race medals are very important for your race. So how to make your race medals exquisite may be your key point. Please follow us and start to design your custom race medals online now.

What Makes a Good Race Medal

Quality Metal

●Selecting the best quality metal for your race medals is vital. Because they will be displayed and collected all the time.

●We use only the finest metal like steel, iron or zinc in the melding of our custom race medals, instead of degradable plastic or cheap materials.

Unique Design

●Choosing a unique race medal design or using our race medal templates is a good idea.

●The most unique custom made medallions in our history are mostly remembered, which is why our designer team puts significant time into the overall design of each custom race medal.

Proper Size

●The size of the medal is very important to the design of the race medals. Too large or small will be embarrassed.

●You can also choose larger medals for adults while you need to select smaller personalized race medals for children.

Specific Theme

●Depending on if the race is a series or part of a nonprofit event, we provide types of crafts for high quality race medals to keep them personalized and stand out.

●For example, 3D and cut out craft are mostly used on making cool race medals. Adding glitter powder may be also a good option.

2 Ways to Create Race Medals Online

To help you save time, money and order our custom race medals in the most efficient way, GSJJ sincerely recommends 2 elaborate developed convenient systems online to you. Why not try? We are a qualified race medal maker in Los Angeles with 20+Yrs experience. Top 3 Features of GSJJ Race Medals here. Award Your Runners Now.

Faster Turnaround

Fast and Free

Free Medal Design

Custom Race Medallions
No Minimum

Good Discount

Free Race Medal

● Quote/Ordering Online System -The biggest characteristic of this online system is that all of the operation steps are very simple and clear. You just need to follow our indicated tips and choose your favorite race medal style, ribbon size, the loop of medal, engraving option and package step by step. 5 Minutes to Start Your Own Race Medals.

● Race Medal Online Design System-Have you ever thought that you can also become a medal designer? Just open the design system of our website and we will make your dream come true. First, we offer 300+ popular templates for you to choose from. And then, you can add symbols, text, choose layers, and even upload your own artwork picture at ease. Be Your Own Race Medal Designer!

Make Your Own Race Medals

In-depth Guide: Why Race Medals are Worth?

Today, we use custom race medals for a variety of activities, events, races, and competitions. Most specifically for races, custom medallions have become synonymous with victory. They indicate that the runner gave it their all, crossing the finish line ahead of the competition to earn a spot in the top 3. Customized medals carry more meaning than just claiming a victory over the competition and for many, collecting custom medals has become a hobby.

It’s hard to deny the cultural relevance and significations that come with sporting a running medal, and we’re going to look at why these hard, shiny custom race medals are still so important today:

Visual Significance

Cool running medals can be hung up at homes, worn around necks on the podium, and physically displayed for others to see. They carry a cold, hard proof that something challenging was completed – completed so well that the competition beat out for it.

But, with a medal, there is tangible proof that the recipient was the victor. As visual creatures ourselves, custom made medals tap into our innate desire to see proof as opposed to just lofty language. For runners today, custom medallions are still that visual proof.

Wrestling Race Medals


Although a medal may just be a curated piece of metal that was created specifically for a winner of a race, it’s a symbolic emblem that carries much more meaning. For a runner, it’s symbolic of the training time put into the race, the number of miles completed, the blood and sweat, the tears, and the nutrition sacrifices that were pursued to ensure the very best results were real.

Standing up on the podium with a medal in hand is symbolic of everything that went into that victory.

Karate Championships Race Medals
Taekwondo Race Medal


Going off of custom made medallions’ visual importance, these items carry with them a tremendous amount of memory, reminding us of what we sacrificed to win them.

Over time, our memory degrades, filled with so many new memories that hanging onto the old ones can be laborious. With a medal, runners can just take one glance of it hanging in a glass case and be whisked back to the memory, smelling the smells and seeing the sights of a day that may have occurred 4-decades ago.

Bons Temps Triathletes Race Medals


Lastly, a medal is able to carry a legacy long after the race is completed. Cheap race medals are even able to carry legacies after the recipient has passed away, creating a memory that is regarded by local groups, family members, and community organizations.

For the real special races, winners can be remembered forever by the acquiring of the custom medals that were made specifically for that event. Custom made medals stand the test of time.

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