Do you want to own money medals ? You must see many Koutack by using paper! Just image if you use your carry-on dollars? Magic power to create boat, airplane, cloth , shoes, animals, camera and so on!


For children, Koutack is a good way to develop operational ability. Ha-ha, today, in the first class, I will teach you how to fold money medals with dollars.


Let’s start from simple methods by using paper firstly!

Material: Two Dollars


Step 1 – Laying out your dollar, folding in half along the center line and opening.

Step 2 – Folding in the dotted lines to meet the center line from left to right.

Step 3 – Double up from top to bottom, and folding along the center line.

Step 4 – Folding along the diagonal line in the second grid and flattening.

Step 5 – Folding along the diagonal line in the third grid and flattening.

Step 6 – Folding along the diagonal when you see the two trapezoid.

Step 7 – Folding in the dotted lines.

Step 8 – Opening the pockets in the dotted lines.

Step 9 – Folding the backward in the dotted lines.

Step 10 – using another dollar to make a ribbon and match with the finished one.

The flow chart is as follows.

ribbon  medal

Now, we can use dollars to fold our money medals. This step will be a little difficult. Please watch these two videos carefully and then I will teach you step by step.

Video :

Part 1:

Part 2:




When you finished, your artwork will be presented like the following picture.


Of course, if you are scared of damaging your dollars, you can replace it with paper. Paper is a nice material to make medals. Just like the following.

Material: Paper, Ribbon and Glue

Steps are as follow.


There are many folded method to folded medals. If you have a new idea, you can share with me. Do you like Koutack? Come and have a try!


Picture Resource:





If you are interested in DIY medals, you can browse << DIY Medals out of Paper >>.

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