Coffee shops are great places to relax!

Because this has become a culture and every day activity. Why not star creating your own Custom Enamel Pins for your Coffee Shop…

Lately, people visit the coffee shops to eat and drink coffee or just have a relaxing time, reading a good book, having social interaction or simple drinking a cup of tea.

Definitely this has become hangout place in young community and even seniors!

Here colleagues meet, couples date, and friends talk.

If you own a coffee shop, you can choose to easily create a custom enamel pins to promote your coffee shop.

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Lapel Pins,
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Custom Enamel Pins,

Let your customers advertise for you!

Use Custom Enamel Pins as gift away and you will see your business grow!

Create the perfect custom pin that you can hand out to others.

If your Custom Enamel pins are great, everyone will stop and ask where the pin came from and how they can get one of their own.

In fact, have some of the most innovative coffee shop completely reinvented it into a new level of chic.

Cat Themed Coffee Shop in Canada

Usually they are a bistro section where one can eat or drink coffee or tea in peace.

Also having an area like a open playground for everyone.

Customers can lay down with the cats, play, or learn about them with provided learning materials.

Educational events and conferences are also hosted here with a full schedule for any cat lover (or anyone curious about cats) to get their paws on.

A Robotic Themed Coffee Shop in Osaka

As you enter this coffee shop, robots will greet you, serve you and make your drinks. The future is here, and it’s got a friendly robotic face!

Sewing Themed Coffee Shop in Paris

They are Combine the sewing experience with the café setting. The café was hobbyists could practice their art while enjoying all the good treats and espressos the café had to offer. The café inspired to reconnect people with the joys of sewing (among other things).


GS-JJ can create your own coffee shop custom enamel pins today. Make your coffee shop stand out. Your customer will love supporting you. They’ll wear your pins wherever they go. Contact us!

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