Each year, many corporation and firms would like to customize their Corporate Coins for their employees.

Custom Coins are always great gifts for those who have made great achievement and effort for company.

Just like the meaning for Treadwell Corporation!

Treadwell is a leading supplier in designing and manufacturing electrolytic oxygen generation systems for the United States Navy.

So, this is definitely a  big honor …

These Corporate custom coins are perfect to celebrate achievements, honor your employees’ accomplishments or promote your brand or logo.

In this presentation of coins you will have a great materials and engraving logos make them look amazing.

Lately, coins are not only can be used as business gifts and awards for staffs and much more…

Another great idea definitely, can be create  your promotional business card in unique form,

Adding, your logo and symbol, and of course,  even your website.

Corporate Coin-GSJJ
Corporate Coin-GSJJ

Sometimes, Corporate coins are just like your business card, which are remarkable and memorable to others.

The coin can express concept of value.

Also, show your health and well-being status of business to others.

Just adding your value or motto on it when design, otherwise, they will look elegant and simple!

They’re an outstanding way to recognize achievements, project completion or employee longevity.

Want an impressive business card and design in creativity?

Maybe you can try elegant and corporation looking coin.

Design a stunning business card that captures attention with fine metal crafts, such as challenge coins.

Awesome idea, right?

GS-JJ, designers are dedicated to helping you!!!

Treadwell Corporation Custom Coins-gs-jj.com
Treadwell Corporation Custom Coins-gs-jj.com

We will create custom coins that will represent your company or team.

Feel freely to contact us, when you need any design advice.

Mele Printing Coins-gs-jj.com
Mele Printing Coins-gs-jj.com
Mele Printing Challenge Coins-gs-jj.com
Mele Printing Challenge Coins-gs-jj.com
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