Enter The World that Full of Love–Heart-Shape Enamel Pin

Love is a universal language. A great way to show your love is with our heart-shaped enamel pins.

The heart shape is used as an expression of emotion, including affection and love, especially romantic love! It represents warmth and care. With three hearts combined together, it means they will never separate.

Red Heart- shaped Enamel Pins
Red Heart-shaped Enamel Pins
Different Heart-shaped Enamel Pins with Different Colors
Different Heart-shaped Enamel Pins with Different Colors

Why not choose them as a gift for your family at a family unit party, for your lover on Valentine’s Day, for your close friends on their wedding days or anyone you want to give them your heart. These will be the best wedding gifts for the bride and groom. It would be better if the bridesmaid and the best man also wearing enamel pins on their white dress and shirt. Each includes a standard clutch back that keeps this pin securely on your clothes.

These special gifts- heart-shaped enamel pins will make your big days more meaningful and unforgettable. If you like these heart-shaped enamel pins, click here to know more. Do you want to create your own custom made pins? GS-JJ- the professional lapel pin manufacture offers you the best service and quality products.


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