Introduction to the Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins, also known as emblems, are generally composed of patterns and texts. They also have simple text or graphic emblems, which are used to express the meaning of the lapel pin itself. The text serves as a descriptive function and directly expresses the intention of the emblem. The lapel pin, in short, is a sign worn on the body to show the support for all types of awareness causes. For example, the pink ribbon is a symbol of the global campaign against breast cancer. The lapel pins just like the ribbons are signs of anti-cancer activity. The lapel pin is able to display the identity of the person, the activities he involved, and his position and title, so the lapel pin is therefore widely used in our daily lives.

Lapel Pins & PVC Lapel Pins
Lapel Pins & PVC Lapel Pins
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Types of Lapel Pins

The types of lapel pins include:  national emblem, party emblem, group emblem, team emblem, police emblem, military emblem, army emblem, navy emblem, air force emblem, urban tube emblem, forestry emblem, quarantine emblem, public security emblem, women’s union emblem, hospital emblem, judicial emblem, Tax emblem, criminal police emblem, court emblem, procuratorate emblem, road emblem, political association emblem, business emblem, people’s mediation emblem, metal, sterling silver medal, new business emblem, new public emblem.

The lapel pin is also commonly used in administrative units, institutions, companies to identify the identity of the wearer.

Materials of Lapel Pins

There are many materials that can be made into lapel pins. The metal has beautiful glossiness and has a certain appreciation space, including gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, iron, and so on. Non-metallic materials such as plastic, acrylic, plexiglass and PVC soft rubber can also be used to make lapel pins. Non-metallic materials have the characteristics of water-proof and are widely used in daily life.

Metal materials are the most commonly used materials in the process of making lapel pins. Metal lapel pins are made of metal materials such as copper, iron and zinc through certain lapel pins making process. In addition to the different metal properties, it will be created according to the color of different metals and a variety of metals to create more lapel pins.

Materials of Lapel Pins
Materials of Lapel Pins

The main material of the PVC lapel pins is PVC, which is made into a soft rubber through post-processing and is made into a PVC lapel pin through the PVC process.

The Process of Metal Lapel Pins and PVC Lapel Pins

The most used process for making metal lapel pins are baking varnish, Imitation enamel, stamping, and other processes such as bite version, screen printing, offset printing, etc.

The concave part of the paint badge can be printed on various badge colors. The raised areas of the badge can be used for various gold plating, nickel plating and other plating effects. The paint is bright in color, the lines are clear and bright, and the metal material has a strong texture.

The surface of the enamel pin is flat. The surface of the enamel pin can be plated with gold, silver, and other metallic colors, and the metal lines are filled with various imitation pigments. The paint is bright in color, the lines are clear and bright, and the metal material has a strong texture.

The lapel pins materials commonly used for stamping emblems are copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc. The copper is the softest, the copper pressure lapel pin has the clearest line, and the concave part of the stamping emblem can also be processed into a frosted effect.

Printed lapel pins are divided into screen printing and lithography. It is also commonly called the Epoxy lapel pin. The final step of the lapel pin is to add a layer of transparent protective resin to the surface of the lapel pin.

Screen-printed lapel pins are mainly for lapel pins with simple graphics and fewer colors.

Planographic printing: Mainly for complex patterns, it has more colors, and is especially with gradients.

The PVC lapel pin is also commonly called the Epoxy lapel pin, which is mainly processed by the mold and the Epoxy process. The making of the mold is to engrave the pattern that needs to be made, and in the place of the upper color, there will be many slots on the mold. The Epoxy process is to place the corresponding color in the right place. Finally, the liquid glue is solidified by heating, and it is formed!

Advantages & disadvantages of Metal and PVC Lapel Pins

Metal lapel pins are available in a variety of ways, resulting in a variety of metal lapel pins. Metal lapel pins have high environmental requirements, cannot be exposed to water, cannot be wet, and easily rust and deteriorate when exposed to water. Since the price of raw materials is higher than that of other material lapel pins, the overall cost of metal lapel pin is higher, the process is more complicated, and the production cycle is longer.

The advantage of the PVC emblem is that it does not need to open the mold during the production process. It can be directly engraved and colored on the PVC. The production speed is faster than the metal lapel pin; and the material cost and production process cost are lower than the metal lapel pin. The only drawback of the PVC lapel pin is that it’s in high range as a metal lapel pin.

The Market Prospect of Lapel Pins

The lapel pin requires us to respect it. It has many revolutionary and commendable meanings and cannot be measured by price. As a meaningful recognition and commemorative item, the lapel pin is very demanding and very stable! Metal lapel pins are often used as symbols of identity, souvenirs and prizes. PVC lapel pins have been used in advertising by companies and business due to the colorful and low cost, and have achieved good returns and results.

Custom PVC Lapel Pins
Custom PVC Lapel Pins
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More often used lapel pin are unit companies, school institutions, societies, etc., and they usually group purchases and bulk custom production.

GS-JJ is a manufacturer of PVC products and we have our own factory that can strictly monitor factory production. Our PVC lapel pins are made of environmentally friendly PVC soft rubber. The colors are vivid, the image is vivid, the pattern is clear, the texture is exquisite and soft, and the three-dimensional layer is distinct. We can print LOGO, text, phone number, website, etc. according to the different requirements of customers. It can be used as an advertising promotional gift to fully reflect the company’s brand image.

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