The China International Import Expo, CIIE for short, is the first large-scale national exhibition in the world, with the theme of import. The exhibition has attracted more than 1,000 enterprises from fifty-eight countries alongside the Belt and Road. In May 2017, President Xi Jinping announced on the “One Belt And One Road” forum for international cooperation that China will host the CIIE from 2018 in Shanghai. The CIIE firmly supports the trade liberalization and economic globalization. It can prompt the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation among countries, and improve the development of an opening-world. China is ready to work with other countries to make the CIIE become the world-class expo, and open a new channel for mutual cooperation. The preparation of the conference needs to be valued, such as the best lanyards and work cards used in the exhibition.

China International Import Expo

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The CIIE is divided into two parts, like exhibition and Forum. The exhibition refers to the comprehensive exhibition of national trade and investment (also called as a national exhibition) and the enterprise commercial exhibition (also called enterprise exhibition). Forum is the Hongqiao international trade forum. There are eighty-one countries and three international organizations set up their booths, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. Both countries will display their national image, achievement in economic and trade development and characteristic products. National workers in the exhibition will wear customize lanyards printed their country’s name and logo to show and generalize products. They can represent the image of the local countries. The main twelve host countries have set up special pavilions, which included Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. On the exhibition ground in every country, the people from different countries make performance to show their passion and energy. A band from Brazil performs at the ground on November 5. There is excitement in the air. Several highlights of the CIIE were showed; Huge Chinese Market and rapid growth in the economy; Prominent Advantage Shanghai and Obviously Radiation effect; Large Exhibition Scale; Effective Security Service and Strong Purchasing Demand.

In order to create an Import Expo never end, the display and trading platform “6 days + 365 days” is coming online. On November 13, 2018, the platform named “Greenland global commodity trading port” will open officially.


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Every people who participated in the exhibition wear the awesome lanyards that have printed logos of their country. It is able to identify the worker’s position and provide convenience for visitors. If you are focusing on the CIIE constantly or visiting the CIIE, you will be able to find that the worker in the exhibition platform wears different custom made lanyards. Different lanyards design can reflect different countries’ design concepts and their own national characteristics. Wearing customize lanyards with work card can give direct information to visitors, and confirm own responsibilities. In addition, it can bring a sense of ceremony and solemnity to people. It is very suitable for the occasion. If you need to buy wholesale lanyards for your group or organization, you can find us GS-JJ. GS-JJ has designed all kinds of lanyards and exhibited on Our professional team can give you the best idea about designing for free. The finished product will send to your hand by free air shipping. Are you looking forward to customizing lanyards’ arrival? Don’t think too much, order it now!

Finally, if you were interested in high technology products, CIIE is your best choice. Here, you can find the products you never imagined before. The time is from November 5 to November 10. Don’t worry that you have missed the expo. Every year will have CIIE. Or you can visit the platform of Greenland global commodity trading port to watch more details about CIIE.


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