Thinking in one great Military recognition this Veterans Day?

One of most popular and known award in Military field, The Military Challenge Coins!

It represent a tradition since World War I, where It used to be worn by Air Force pilots as a solid bronze medallions. 

Wearing or collecting military coins is becoming popular,  because has been part as military traditions since War.

Then Collect them is common to who served in the military field.

Besides its functionality, as a  military personnel identification, we can mention, that Challenge Coins can also been evolved into marks of presentation for person.

A lot of different organizations and institutions use hem as an award to encourage, reward, and honor the men and women that have contributed to the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines by Military units.

These coins are not just lucky material for them, and also represent great prize and honor.

Symbols and emblems of departments representing the labor of each one appears on this designs.

The following are great military coins from GS-JJ for your reference .

Finally, when you decide to select coins for your groups, should look more carefully at design.

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