The symbol of yellow ribbons.

It usually has different meanings.

The Ribbons Pins, has its mainly used for returning relatives waiting for a long time. Also, can be used as a symbol of anti-war!

Looking forward to important people to come back from battlefield as soon as possible.

For the forgive of ex-convicts and accept them again into society and give them a chance to have their lives back.

The Yellow color is a safe blessing and that is why the yellow ribbon represents “safe return.”

Meaning of yellow ribbon: mourning, missing, praying, hope, looking forward to important people safe.

For a long time now, it has been a symbol of help, after the separation of relatives, but also for the prayers of their relative’s logo.

I remembered an American old song called Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round, The Ole Oak Tree.

The song’s tells a story about s a man who was sentenced to three years in prison for bankruptcy.

On the eve of his release, he wrote a letter to his wife in Georgia asking if she would still accept him?….

The lovely wife, tied a yellow ribbon to the old oak in front of the house.

Then when his husband was released from prison, he will see the ribbon on the tree.

In the public car back home, the hero’s heart was nervous,  expecting to his wife acceptance …

Finally, the answer was revealed, all the passengers in the car cheered for him.

The man opened his eyes and he actually saw in the old oak tree, hundreds of yellow ribbons flying in the wind!!!

Yellow Ribbon pins represent so many great causes.

Our ribbon pins are made by hard enamel with silver finish.

It has the traditional awareness ribbon cut-outs to proudly help support for any fundraiser, charity or even on your coat for everyday awareness.


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