KFC-the abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the multinational chain restaurants of the United States. It is also the second fast food and the first fried chicken chain enterprise in the world. The main food of this fast-food restaurant is fried chicken, hamburgers, chips, soda water and so on. Then the Parkson China that KFC is attached, cooperated with the Pepsi. Pepsi provided all the soda water to the KFC. Actually, the cooking cultures of KFC, the purposes or habits of people go to this restaurant and the prices of the food between the USA and China are totally different.

First of all, we discuss the differences between the two areas. On the one hand, KFC was a strange and fresh new stuff for people about 30 years ago. Because it is from abroad, the price of KFC was really high compared to the USA. In fact, KFC is just fast food to Americans. It is for filling a hunger quickly, just for the person whose income is lower or someone is extremely in a hurry situation. Actually, in the metropolis of China, the situation is just similar to America. Nevertheless, the small cities in China are in a different position. Adults will bring their child to the KFC as an award for his study hard or good behavior. And that some people would regard the KFC as a formal meal. The price is not that big gap to the other restaurants and the price is getting higher and higher nowadays. On the other hand, there is also a difference in shop decoration and overall arrangement. KFC in the USA is more diversified. KFC is the real multiple restaurants in China, it looks like the same.

Secondly, the cooking cultures between the two countries are totally different, especially it can be represented in KFC. In KFC, there were Chinese meals be pushed out for many years in China. Most people are in recognition of attitude. They think the blend of Chinese meals makes diet diversified, people have bigger choose space. Moreover, the fusion of Chinese and western diet in culture makes Chinese consumers more support the KFC. Nevertheless, there are some people do not bullish to this phenomenon. KFC is the type of western fast food, however, the taste of its Chinese meal is still by a finger’s breadth. Some people say it is a plagiarize of the Chinese diet. The rice, the fried breadstick, the porridge, and the chicken rolls, they are all representing the Chinese food. But from the general direction of today, Chinese people probably get used to the integration of Chinese and western.


People are filled with the comprehend of food, seeking the inspiration of conversion in trial and error. Sometimes this seems complicated, sometimes this seems simple. Diet-as one of the cultures, its richness and variability will never under the other cultures. The impact between Chinese and western diet must be wonderful.


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