Custom silicone wristbands are more and more common, and people like these fashionable wristbands to adorn themselves and add color to their dress.

Why people like silicone wristbands? In addition to the fashion and full of youthful vitality, mostly because they have the common advantages of silicone products, such as below:

  • High temperature resistant

Silicone products are suitable for the temperature range between -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, usually can be used in the microwave ovens and ovens. So do silicone wristbands! As the result, some tableware are made for silicone.

  • Long service life.

The chemical properties of silicone are very stable, and the service life is longer than other material. As a kind of silicone products, silicone wristbands have such characteristics.

  • Soft and comfortableto wear

We know silicone material are not only soft, but also extremely flexible, and difficult to deform. There is no doubt that silicone wristbands have such a feature.

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  • Colorful and difficult to decolorize

Be able to make different colors according to customer’s requirements. More importantly, there are many ornaments in the market that will decolorize, and our silicone wristbands will not fade no matter how long we warn them. Because when making silicone wristbands, we would first mix the raw materials with colors well, and then they would be molding under the high-temperature, rather than the color added in the post-production.

  • Environmental protection and Non-poisonous

In the era of increasing awareness in environmental protection, whether products are environmentally friendly has become an important factor for people to consider.

However, in the process of making silicone wristbands, no toxic and harmful substances are produced from the raw material entering the factory to the product shipment.

  • Electrical insulating property

    Silicone rubber has a high resistivity, therefore, the silicone bracelet in a wide range of temperature and frequency range of its resistance value can still adhere to stability.

  • Prevention of allergies

For those who are allergic to metal materials, silicone wristbands are good choices.

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All the above mentioned are due to the advantages brought by the characteristics of silicone materials, which is also an important reason why consumers prefer custom silicone wristbands.

Aside from these property issues, silicone wristbands are also a very practical daily use.

To begin with, energy wristbands, keep body health.

With the continuous updating of science and technology, wristband is constantly endowed with new functions. As the product of the development of science and technology, energy wristband      takes multi-mineral, biological silicone as the raw material, which contains abundant negative ions. Long-term wearing of energy wristband will have certain benefits to people’s health.

  Then, noctilucent wristbands, sports fashionable.

As a necessary part of sports, many sports wristbands now have a noctilucent function. As to those who like to run at night, such wristbands are not only fashionable and even more eye-catching,     the luminous function is also a good warning to vehicles and people that come and go in the dark, it is perfect to avoid collision because of dark, to a certain extent to ensure the safety of night    runners.

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More, sports wristbands, the choice of trend.

On the basketball court, we often see basketball stars wearing a variety of bracelets, which are mainly designed to prevent sweat from the arm flowing to the palm of the hand of the player in the course of playing, resulting in dribbling slippery.

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Moreover, purpose to decorate or express emotion

Mainly reflected in:

Express self-emotion through the words printed on the silicone bracelet. Some related sentences and words can well express a state of self.

 Custom lovers’ silicone wristbands, so that the confession is different.

The unique love wristbands can become a unique label between lovers, as a witness to each other’s deep feelings, but also let people around can see this special feelings through the bracelet.

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Therefore, custom silicone wristbands can not only be a decoration, but also serve as a bridge for emotional expression.

Nowadays, wearing silicone wristbands has become a fashion trend, become a popular environmental protection accessories among the old and the young. Therefore, as to such beautiful and          practical silicone wristbands, how can they not be popular?

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