Sports Medals Awards

If you are planning a sporting event or winter games for this season, we will give you a few ideas of Cheap Medals you can create.

Customized Medals for Western National Roller Hockey tournament is one great idea.

Everyone has a passion for the activity and we should remember the spirit of this game.

This fantastic award as the custom medal will be usually given to the one who gets the first, second, and third place.

And also, sometimes to the whole winning team… Great right!

Thinking in some details, most of the finish for these medals usually uses for its finishes gold finish.

But there are other colors, such as brass, silver, antique and much more for finishes.

Something important to think when you design this cheap medal is maybe included, logos of the league, championship, or something representative of the sport.

Custom made medals for all sports games, so you can choose the design you like.

  • Size:2.9″
  • Thickness:3mm
  • Style: Custom Medals
  • Finish: Silver
  • Attachments: Custom Medal Ribbons
  • Packaging: Individual Polybag

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