Sometimes, many buyers have questions when customizing challenge coins. Which plating should I choose? They all look the same and how to distinguish them? Here I’ve selected some popular plating colors that are quite similar to me.  For those people who have a hard time differentiating the colors, they can follow this guide of different plating colors.

1) Gold / Fake Gold / Matte Gold / Foggy-painted Gold / Antique Gold


Gold: It is pure gold color without any other color. An elegant color that can be used in many upgraded gatherings!

Fake Gold: Most buyers will choose it because it is shinier. It is sometimes called rose gold as well. A little mosaic gold color in Jewelry. (Note: Rose Gold can be plated with yellowish or reddish colors)

Matte Gold: It is a yellow color without a shiny surface. An unobtrusive way to show off your custom coins!

Foggy-painted Gold: It has fine particles on the surface so the surface of challenge coins with foggy- painted gold is not smooth!

Antique Gold: It is a vintage color, making your custom challenge coins look like a true relic.


2) Bronze / Matte Bronze / Antique Bronze 


Bronze: It is a kind of green color with a shiny appearance.

NOTES: it is easy to be mixed with gold.

Matte Bronze: It is slightly green without a shiny appearance.

Antique Bronze: It is a vintage green color like rust.


3) Silver / Matte Silver / Foggy-painted Silver/ Antique Silver


Silver: It is a gray color with a shiny appearance, making you challenge coins more delicate.

Matte Silver: It is a pewter color without a shiny appearance.

Foggy-painted Silver: It has some fine particles on the surface. When you touch it with your finger, you will feel slight friction.

Antique Silver: It looks like the color of dust. Antique silver is a deeper tone color than the other three.


4) Nickel / Matte Nickel / Antique Nickel / Black Nickel


Nickel: Its color is deeper than silver. The color is bright white with a slight yellow. It is shiny.

Matte Nickel: It is gray with a little white. NOT SHINY!

Antique Nickel: It is black with shiny on the surface.

Black Nickel: It is deep dark with shiny on the surface.

5) Copper / Matte Copper / Antique Copper


Copper: It is orange with a shiny surface. Like red-hot iron!

Matte Copper: It is orange without a shiny surface.

Antique Copper: The colors are red and black, and the effect is old.


6) Chrome


Chrome: It is light white with a little blue color. It is much white than a shiny nickel.


Different plating can be used in your custom made coins to get the perfect effect. You have known the different color of plating, come to order challenge coins!


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