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Fire has almost permeated the whole history of human society. In ancient times, fire was useful for all kind of things. Fire represents unique themes in the ancient and medieval world. People in all parts of the world tell myths and legends about fire. Numerous stories explain how people first acquired fire, either their own daring or as a gift from an animal, god, or hero.





Fire brings new opportunities to life; many people lose their lives because of it. As early as ancient times, people considered fire one of the basic elements of the universe, along with water, air, and earth.

Custom Lapel Pin / Fire /
Custom Lapel Pin / Fire /


Fire can be a friendly, comforting thing, a source of heat and light to anyone who has ever sat by a campfire in the dark of night knows. However, fire can also be dangerous and deadly, racing and leaping like a living thing to consume all in its path. There are countless records about fire accidents from the Great Fire of Rome in 66 AD to modern time. The Volcano eruption can also swallow life.



For centuries, people have tried to control fire and reduce the damage of fire. However, this is not the end, people are still trudging the road of conquering fire.

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