You will be out if you haven’t heard love medals. Love Medals are a quietly bold way to say “thank you” to the people you love. Teach you how to use love medals to show you truly love. Love Medals are not only used in a lover but also used in other relationships. Love Medals can be designed in any size. As for shapes, it usually customized in a pattern” LOVE”.
Types of Love Medals
Between Lover
You will still send flowers, cakes, chocolates and so on. It’s not surprising. Giving your custom love medals to your girlfriend or wife. They must be surprising. In addition, attaching a card writing” dear, thank you for staying with me without any complaints…….., this love medal is to witness our love.” These love medals can be used in Valentine’s Day or some dating game as a souvenir. A good choice, isn’t it?

Love Medals


Between Events

Love Medals can be used in some events like running or race competition. These kinds of medals will be displayed in love. As you can see, you can find that these medals are made up of two parts medals. When they combined, they seem to be love. I think that there are different kinds of the prize awarded to two people. Maybe it could make fate.

Running Love Medals


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Between Friends

You will meet lots of people in your life. Some people go out, while some people come in. Nevertheless, there are always a few people around you. They laugh and cry with you. No matter you will make new friends or miss your old friends, love medals are a great way to show your welcome for your new friends and thank old friends.

Friends Love Medals

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Other Relationships

You always shift from different roles like student, child, wife, mom, or others. If you are shy, why not to use love medals to show your love around you! Different shapes and sizes are available. You can design it at your will. How sincere gifts are!

Kinds of Love Medals


If you want to design kinds of love medals, you can click here: and know more information!

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