The Month of May is forthcoming, and it is also the peak of marriage. People will conduct full preparations in advance before getting married. In that way, what’s the indispensable thing for woman to get married? It is surely the wedding dress. Most couples will spend a lot of time to select a satisfying wedding dress in order to have a perfect wedding. Here we introduce various types of wedding dresses in different countries.


First of all, the most common one is western wedding dress, which enjoys great popularity all over the world. The trend elements, such as clean and simple style and wedding jumpsuits, are added to the design of modern wedding dresses, which makes the styles more diversified than before. The veil is an important part of the wedding dress, but now the design is relatively simpler. There is even a lot of headwear instead of veil.


Why western wedding dresses are always white?

Actually, the white wedding dress was not always popular until the Queen Victoria wore a white gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840. After that, the white wedding dress slowly became a fashion trend as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Western Wedding Dresses
Western Wedding Dresses



The Chinese wedding dress is a combination series instead of a specific style, which is followed by a thick history and profound cultural connotations. Red dress and gold ornaments are indispensable elements of Chinese weddings, representing warmth, solemnity and wealth. The most commonly used patterns on the dress are dragons and phoenixes.


At present, some Chinese people opt to wear white wedding dresses when they get married, and the traditional dresses are worn in some places only. The new trend of mixing the traditional and modern or western elements becomes more and more popular in China.

Wedding dress--China
Wedding dress–China


South Korea

The traditional wedding dress is designed according to the palace dress. It is relatively heavy and cumbersome. The color is mainly gorgeous royal blue and red, with a lot of embroideries of gold thread.

Wedding dress--South Korea
Wedding dress–South Korea



The wedding dresses of Japanese brides are all in white, which symbolizes “purity” in culture. The auspicious patterns such as white cranes are also faintly embroidered on the wedding dress. Besides, a white round hat called “Angle hidden” is needed to cover the hair, which means the bride will restrain her temper, care for her husband’s family.

Wedding dress--Japan
Wedding dress–Japan

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The traditional Indian wedding ceremony is famous for the gorgeous dresses for bride and groom. The bride will put a red dot on her forehead to indicate the change of identity. The bride and groom will wear Indian headdresses, and the heavy jewelry is also worn to show the grandeur of wedding.

Wedding dress--India
Wedding dress–India



In Malaysia, most people hold traditional Muslim weddings. The bridegroom’s lower body is surrounded by a large piece of cloth, called sarong. A topless cap is also worn on the head. The bride often chooses a purple or cream-colored long-sleeved wedding dress, with a headscarf on her head.

Wedding dress--Malaysia
Wedding dress–Malaysia

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The Nigerian bride will choose bright wedding dresses and wear gele. Muslim hijab is retained in northern Nigeria.

Wedding dress--Nigeria
Wedding dress–Nigeria

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Sri Lanka

In a traditional wedding ceremony, the bride is dressed in a red sari and wears gold ornaments on her body. The bridegroom’s dress is even more complicated. It takes about half an hour to put on the local national dress.

Wedding dress--Sri Lanka
Wedding dress–Sri Lanka



In Ghana, each family has their own distinctive cloths with different patterns. They use these cloths to make family-specific wedding dresses for the bride and groom. Besides, a lot of gold ornaments are used to reach the brilliant visual effect.

Wedding dress--Ghana
Wedding dress–Ghana

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At the traditional Scottish wedding, all men, including the groom, wear kilts. At the end of the wedding, the bride is also covered with a shawl printed with the groom’s family pattern, which means she is integrated into his family.

Wedding dress--Scotland
Wedding dress–Scotland

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Are you surprised by the wedding dresses above? In addition to the above-mentioned ones, actually, there are still some distinctive wedding dresses in other countries, which we will not illustrate one by one. Generally speaking, the colors and styles of wedding dresses depend on various factors, such as culture, religion and fashion trends. Each style of wedding dress has its own characteristics and specific accessories to match. For example, you can wear accessories like custom lapel pins on casual wear, but it is not suitable for wedding dress.


Marriage is sacred and beautiful. No matter in which country, whether you are ordinary or beautiful, poor or rich, the moment you put on your wedding dress, you will be the happiest person in the world!

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