Do you like travelling? Do you have some plans of travel for the coming holiday? If you haven’t decided which place you want to go with your families and lover, I hope this article can shed some light to you.

Spending romantic time with your lover in a romantic place will become an unforgettable memory between you two!

The top five most romantic places on earth have been named. The Paris, Santorine, Venice, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Maui in Hawaii were recognized as the top five spots. In these places, you will enjoy the white sand and turquoise waters. You also can sit on beach with your lover to watch the sunset. A survey found that the capital of French along with the Greek island and the Italian city are the best place for rendezvous.

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The City of Paris

Paris is the political and cultural center of France, and one of the five largest international metropolises in the world.

Additionally, it is also called the city of love. The Eiffel Tower, the most romantic in Paris, is the best-known spots in Paris for proposing marriage. Many couples come here to witness their love, and define their husband and wife relationship. Particularly on Valentine’s Day and honeymoon, they will prepare a long-period holiday in Paris, which only belong to each other.

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The Santorine (Σαντορίνη) in Greece

It is located at 36.40° N and 25.40° E. “Santorine” is named by Venetian in thirteen century, and it originated from St. Elaine. The island is a famous tourist attraction as well as a honeymoon island. The atmosphere of Romance and love is emanated from everywhere.

Santorine has idyllic beaches; jaw-dropping sunsets and the blue and white buildings. You and your lovers can walking hand in hand on the idyllic beach and enjoy the sea wind and magnificent sunset.

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The Venice in Italy

Venice, which is listed as a World Heritage Site, enjoys the reputation of “City of Water” and “City of Canals”. The architecture, painting, sculpture and opera of this city in Northeast Italy play an important role in the world and influenced the world.

Venice cannot be separated from the word “Romance”. People just can’t resist the temptation of Venice. Many couples come here to take a cozy gondola ride along the Venice’s narrow canals and enjoy the beauty of the city and the special surrounding buildings.

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Amalfi Coast in Italy

It is listed as a world heritage site. Amalfi Coast of Italy has been named by National Geographic of America as one of the 51 beautiful places you have to go in your life.

The long and narrow strip of the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, and Amalfi Coast owns many vital architectural and artistic works of great significance. The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist location and destination in Italy as a whole, and attracted thousands of tourists to here for a holiday annually.

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The Maui in Hawaii

It is also named the County of Maui. Maui is located in the United State of America of Hawaii, and lie between Molokai and Hawaii. It covers an area of 1,886 square kilometers and it is the second largest islands in the Hawaiian Islands. In the islands of Hawaii, Maui is the most common place to find the whale. From December to April of each year, it is the high season for travelers seeing whale.

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