Just as its name implies, this sport will cause street block, because it will attract many people. Usually, street jam refers to the dancing events in the street. While some people have different views. In all, this is a dangerous sport.

Music Events



(resources: https://www.pe.com/2013/08/04/riverside-summer-street-jam/)

When you go in the huge square, you may find that there is a small stage  with a set of musical equipments. Some singers start to sing and show their charm. Them lots of people, especially youth, come together and cheer up, waving their hands and humming a song. Sometimes, They start their performance without the stage. If you want to prepare it well, you can associate with small club or pub. They will provide space. Comer will stay here because they can enjoy foods and drinks and your songs.

Dancing Events


(Resources: https://clture.org/event/street-jam-2017/)

Street dance performance can be found around yourselves. Street dance is a powerful dance. It needs dancer to have drastic action like BRONCO and APPLEJACKS. The younger generation is the flamboyant generation. They like showing themselves and having fun. They often show popular dance, vigorous and forcible. When they feel wronged, they will battle. It will be an extremely show and unmissable. Especially for children, due to their flexibility, they are send to learn street dance. Their specialty classes usually hold street jam in the end of the term, invite their parents to see their performance and passerby to evaluate their performance. A good way to witness their growth!

Skating boarding


(Resources: http://wisescootering.com/project/dissidence-street-jam-2016/)

Skating boarding can be a sport in the street. They make use of slide and handrail around themselves. They jump, slide and leap, which makes aunts nervous while youth excited. Their skate boarding seems to be magic broom in HARRY PORTER. Certainly, this is a very dangerous sport. If you don’t exercise for a long time, You’d better not try it. A little carelessness can cause danger.

Riding Bike Events


(Resources: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ti-rouge/8699636718)

Just like skate boarding events, they choose another vehicles- bike to show their difference. Because the wheels of bikes are narrow and ” thin” . When it undergoes armrest, it will be more safe. Their speed is high like a wind. They go through all obstructions and get the destination, being the most popular people in the street jam. It is noticed that these two sports are hazardous, and you must try it after professional exercise.

Street Jam is a common thing around us. Lots of clubs, pubs or organizations hold it. They even prepare custom medals to motivate and encourage them. If you need to design your own custom street jam medals, GS-JJ will help you. Email us: Info@gs-jj.com.


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