Custom Game Coins become more and more popular at present. However, how to stay fresh and long term attractive in this ever-changing era? We’re going to talk about the custom challenge coins in the following blog.

The following pictures are Game of Thrones Custom Challenge Coins.


No.1  Brief introduction of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a TV drama of the medieval epic fantasy produced by the American HBO TV network. The play is adapted from the fantasy novel “The Song of Ice and Fire” by American writer George R.R. Martin. It is extremely famous all over the world because of its fascinating storyline. Game of Thrones TV series covers war and fantasy area. It can be called as epic TV.

The Game of Thrones won 12 awards in the 67th Emmy in 2015, including the best plot, director, screenwriter, male match and other awards. And then, it was selected as one of the top ten dramas of the 2016 American Film Institute. Moreover, it won the 70th Emmy Award for Best Drama in 2018.

Now the splendid TV drama has accumulated countless fans worldwide. All the audiences are looking forward to every episode updating. It has also become a hot topic everywhere.

Game of Thrones TV drama
Game of Thrones TV drama

No.2  The Homonymous Board Game

Base on the high popularity of the TV drama, a related board game also named Game of Thrones has been published in 2015. People who like Game of Thrones TV are also very interested in the homonymous game.  Game users will enter the fantasy world of George R.R. Martin. There are kings and queens, knights and noble ladies, swords and leather armor. An epic legend takes place in difficult land and dark seasons which fits the TV drama very well.

No.3  The Related Coins

Now let’s talk about the related corporate coins. As shown in the first picture, the Thrones Custom Challenge Coins are made by the antique gold finish which makes the coins look mysterious and fascinating. The printed name of the game in the middle of the coin is so attractive. And the company name of the above-mentioned Aristocrat and HBO was shown on the opposite side. This kind of distinctive design concept makes the coins as personalized challenge coins.

Here is another example of custom game coins. The following honor coins with a beautiful sakura logo are made for games like L5R LCG exclusively. The pretty appearance and exquisite design attracted many game players. Sometimes, suitable coins will even make people more interested in this game. The game and the coins are mutually reinforcing in a sense.

Sakura L5R LCG Custom Game Coins
Sakura L5R LCG Custom Game Coins

In conclusion, the Custom Game Coins has a strong mass base on the targeted design concept obviously. Therefore, the kind of custom made coins are easier to be accepted by the public. Actually, this kind of promotion is not only used for games but also widely used in entertainment, movies, television, sports and so on.

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