—Do you already heard about the name: the Custom Transparent Enamel Pins?

Firstly, how do we define the word “Transparent”? That is, the object which light can pass through is a transparent object, so it has to pass through light and then to be transparent.

Then associate the word “Transparent” here with the stained colorful glass windows you’ve ever seen (as the below picture showed).

colorful glass windows

Keep the picture firmly in mind when you’re reading this article and back to the question raised at the beginning of the article.

If your answer is yes, I’m glad you’ve seen or known about this kind of exquisite artwork.

If no, don’t worry, you will become the professional in Custom Transparent Enamel Pins by reading this article.


–What is the Custom Transparent Enamel Pins?


Just as its name implies, the enamel paints added on the recessed part of the custom metal pins are transparent. That is the transparent enamel paint making the custom pins special.

It is not like the standard enamel paints but a kind of transparent paints with the mimetic appearance of glasses;


Once they manually added on the metal pins and high-temperature baked to dry, the enamel areas (coatings) are like the real colored glasses. So that the transparent coatings will allow the underlying metal areas to be clearly shown through it, especially when there are lines and patterns on the metal areas.

On the contrary, if the common standard enamel paint was used instead of the transparent one, then these lines and patterns will only be covered and can’t be shown.


By adding lines and patterns to the recessed metal areas, the use of transparent enamel paints will make your custom pins vivid in lifelike ways.

Just imagine that tracing out the texture of rocks and the ripples under the “water” in a river bottom by adding the blue transparent enamel, or tracing out the features of the leaves and the scales of the fishes by adding the green transparent enamel.


–Gallery of the Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Now, we’ve learned the detailed literal knowledge about the Custom Transparent Enamel Pins, let’s appreciate the gallery of the Custom Transparent Enamel Pins to reinforce the knowledge and deepen the impression now.

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins

Custom Transparent Enamel Pins


–Why Customize the Transparent Enamel Pins?

  1. To create the custom pins that look like stained colorful glass windows;
  2. To create the custom pins with extra textured or complicated features;

(Like the scales of the fish, the lines of the leaf and the ripples of running water)

  1. No need of the custom pins with matching PANTONE or PMS colors;

The types of transparent colors are numbered. Applying to PANTONE or PMS colors is not an available option.


GS-JJ’s custom transparent enamel pins are the highly artistic, well-designed, striking, worthy, and collectible pins.

It is a notable and beautiful way to recognize people with the commemorative art pieces, whether it is used to thank your employees or your volunteers, celebrate graduations or anniversaries, or provide as souvenirs to visitors of aquariums, zoos, and parks.

Meanwhile, in order to create the most satisfying products within your expectations, we, GS-JJ will and highly recommend that provide both a design proof and a real sample for your confirmation prior to the mass production.


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