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Supposed to be The Roman soldiers who worn by the first time the Belt Buckles as an accessory in the Middle Ages.

And, behind every western cowboy buckle there is a vivid story that speaks of the tradition cowboy’s life and rich heritage.

A cowboy is very proud of his belt buckles and often passes on to their children or grandchildren. Of course, the practical use of belt buckles is to keep your belt closed.

The buckle can proclaim the wearer’s name, initials or brand, boast of a significant achievement for such things as barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, tie down roping and more, or reveal devotion to country.

Custom Buckle-GSJJ
Custom Buckle-GSJJ




Some people call the belt buckle the “cowboy calling card.”

Belt buckles are kind of a cowboy’s resume, name, and family history all put onto this piece of metal, others like to wear a belt buckle with their favorite tractor or truck, and some their favorite sport or animal to hunt.

Custom Buckle-GSJJ_4

At the rodeo contestants compete throughout the season for a chance to win a buckle. At Ranch many of our employees and tourists wears buckles.

Many parents take their children to the ranch to enjoy their vacation. Kids usually want action and adventure. But parents might have more leisure and relaxation in a busy life. The Ranch combine the two.

Custom Buckle-GSJJ_2
Custom Buckle-GSJJ_2

No matter what style of belt buckle you choose, you are proud of it!

The buckles on our GS-JJ are beautifully made, ornate, and detailed.

Silver and antique gold the common ones! So order yours…

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