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Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buck

Belt Buckles

Belt Buckle Price list

3.0mm25501002505001000Antique gold   AddShiny Gold addColor ea.Add2D/3D Front MoldBack Mold
2" x 3"$3.43$2.95$2.90$2.85$2.75$2.65$1.55$1.55$0.20$180$120
2.5" x 3.5"$4.07$3.57$3.52$3.46$3.36$3.22$2.60$2.60$0.25$220$120
3" x 4"$4.81$4.29$4.24$4.17$4.07$3.92$3.40$3.40$0.30$280$120   

Antique Finish Belt Buckles

This is our most popular styles belt buckle.

Antique finish including antique silver, antique gold, antique brass, antique copper and pewter.

Antique finish belt buckles by sanding the metal's surface, coating it in hydrogen peroxide and table salt, and then cleaning the piece.

Antique finish belt buckles can give the appearance of a vintage and well-loved collectible. 

Shiny Finish Belt Buckles

A highly shiny glossy finish which is very reflective.

Shiny finish including shiny gold. shiny brass,shiny silver, shiny copper, shiny black nickel,antique copper and pewter.

Usually, Shiny finish belt buckles will be done with enamel colors filled or sandblast..

3D Belt Buckles

3D belt buckles made by die casting allows for more dimensional detail compared to striking

3D belt buckles are best to be done with antique finish without color.

It is good for the belt buckles that need that extra sculpting and height that three dimensions offers.

Metal Belt Buckles

Metal Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buckles

Custom Belt BucklesCustom Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buckles

We specialize in Custom belt buckles for your any event. GS-JJ is your best source for your Custom belt buckle. 40% off Cheapest price guaranteed
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