Phosphors (also known as fluorescent powders) are usually classified into photoinduced energy-storage fluorescent powders and radioactive fluorescent powders. The photoinduced energy-storage fluorescent powder is a fluorescent powder that can store the light in it, like natural light, sunlight, ultraviolet light, etc.. After it stops being irradiated by light, it is then slowly released as fluorescence. So at night or in the dark, you can see it glow, and the light lasts from a few hours to a dozen hours.

The radioactive night light powder is a radioactive substance mixed in the phosphor, and the fluorescent light is excited by the radiation emitted by the radioactive substance. It is poisonous, harmful and environmental pollution, etc., its application range is small.

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In the real life, people use the fluorescent property of fluorescent powder for a long time to make a weak illumination source. They have special use in the military department. They are applied to various instruments, air meters, watches, windows, machines, various switch signs, doors. Handles, etc.. These light-emitting parts are illuminated by light, and they continue to emit light at night or after accidental power outages, lightning, and getting up, so that people can distinguish the surrounding directions and bring convenience to work and life. Superfine particles of fluorescent powder are added into textiles to make clothes more brightly colored. Children wearing fluorescent textiles and clothes can reduce traffic accidents at night.

When making PVC products that are in daily contact with humans, we usually use safe and reliable photo-energy storage fluorescent powder. After being mixed into PVC soft rubber, it can contact our skin directly, it is safer and non-toxic. Fluorescent PVC products also can be used by children.

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The Role of Fluorescent PVC Products

PVC products are the most common clothes accessories for DIY clothing in our daily life. We put fluorescent PVC products on coats, hats, shoes, bags and other clothing. During the daytime, they pass through natural light, fluorescent powder automatically store light energy, and naturally emit light in dark conditions.

Fluorescent PVC products can emit green fluorescence in the dark. It not only allows people to see objects in the dark, but also it is a beautiful, fashionable, cool clothing accessory. The children put Christmas, Halloween’s fluorescent PVC patches on their clothes and play with their friends at night, which are festive, safe and fun.

PVC products made of safe and non-toxic phosphors are not bright enough for long periods of time, so they cannot be illuminated in the dark, but they are the best looking decoration at night, safe, non-toxic, suitable for the elderly and children, it will not bring harm to people.

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Custom Glow in the Dark PVC Patches

Our fluorescent PVC patches use photo-storing rare earth long-lasting luminous powder, which is heated and mixed with PVC soft rubber at high temperature. The fluorescent powder added to the PVC product cannot directly contact the human skin, nor does it produce radioactive radiation, which is harmless to the human body and is very safe.

Fluorescent powder can be used in various categories of PVC products, including PVC patches, PVC keychain, PVC labels, PVC magnets, PVC lapel pins, PVC zipper pulls, PVC luggage tags and more. Customers can choose high-quality businesses to customize safe and non-toxic PVC products according to their own needs.

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Custom Glow in the Dark PVC Magnet

The fluorescent PVC magnet is attached to the refrigerator with a magnet. In addition to being able to be attached to the refrigerator, it can also be attached to blackboards and other iron objects. Disposable PVC refrigerator stickers without magnets can also be attached to any flat object, such as remote controls, switches, door handles, etc., and can also be used as night signs throughout the room, giving us no lights at night. It gives us directions at night without lights.

All soft rubber PVC products can be added to fluorescent powder to make fluorescent PVC products. Fluorescent PVC products not only provide convenience for our lives, but also become a decoration for the night.

Due to the large number of PVC products on the market, when we choose PVC products, we need to identify the manufacturers, reject those shoddy products, and refuse to use inferior phosphors to make fluorescent PVC products. GS-JJ is a gift manufacturer with 20 years of experience. We have a wealth of experience and our clients are located all over the world. Our aim is to provide our customers with quality custom PVC patches and warm service. If you have any questions, please visit my website at We have a dedicated online customer service for you. In order to thank our customers for their support, we have provided many discounts for customers who come to place an order. Welcome customers to consult and place orders.

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