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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy

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S.W.A.T Military PVC Patches
S.W.A.T Military PVC Patches
2.5'' 2D S.W.A.T Military PVC Patches
PUBG PVC Patches
PUBG PVC Patches
3'' 2D PUBG PVC Patches
101st Airborne PVC Patches
101st Airborne PVC Patches
3'' 2D 101st Airborne PVC Patches
Sniper Bear PVC Patches
Sniper Bear PVC Patches
3'' 2D Sniper Bear PVC Patches
Ramhorn PVC Patches
Ramhorn PVC Patches
2.5'' 2D Ramhorn PVC Patches
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We have a professional customization system. You can click on the "Get Quote / Ordering" directly to the top right of the main page of PVC Patches to enter our custom interface. Here, you can select the product type, size, attachment, color and other you need, and finally get a corresponding quote.

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PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS!  Our award-winning team can help with your design or create exquisite PVC patches for you!
FREE PROOF!  You can send photos, drawings, or just list your ideas and our designers will get you a proof right away!
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GS-JJ Top-Quality PVC Patches

What're PVC Patches?

PVC patches are a modern alternative to the universal embroidered patch . They are made of durable plastic. It comes in a wide range of colors that can bring your custom design to life with the feel and look. Therefore, the PVC patch can implement designs that embroidery patches cannot achieve.

What are the Characteristics of PVC Patches Custom?

PVC rubber patches are waterproof and will never fade, peel or crack. Patches that are made of soft PVC can give your design an unique dimension and depth while staying very easy to clean. They are also available in wide varieties of backings but are commonly ordered with a Velcro backing.

The only limitation in custom designs is the number of colors patches can use. Your imagination and thoughts will make your design stand out from the rest. These patches are available in different sizes.


Custom PVC Patches Design Process

Custom PVC patches are essential clothing accessories. Bright patterns add countless colors to the clothes, and you can feel more confident when you wear them. Whether you need to find custom PVC velcro patches , 2D or 3D PVC patch , commercial PVC patches, cartoon PVC patches, etc., GS-JJ can meet all your requirements and provide you with quality products and affordable prices.

GS-JJ is committed to providing customers with considerate services. It provides custom PVC patches no minimum, and reply within 12 hours can bring you a more comfortable shopping experience. The professional technical team can design vivid artworks for you. You can send your ideas and pictures to GS-JJ, and the specially designer will complete the design for you in a short time.

Design PVC Patches- Step 1

1 - Idea

Start your design with an idea; anything possible can be customized into the vivid PVC patches. Bring them to life.

Design PVC Patches- Step 2

2 - Design

Our professional technical team can transform your ideas, artwork, etc. into digital samples according to specific requirements.

Design PVC Patches- Step 3

3 - Production

The PVC patches will be produced and delivered to destinations for free after design proof approved and order placed.

How to Distinguish between 2D and 3D PVC patches?

2D PVC Patches&3D PVC Patches

1. Visual inspection:

Placing 2D and 3D Patches on a horizontal plane, and looking from the side of the product, you can find that each part (including the raised pattern)of  2D patches is consistent with the horizontal plane. On the contrary, as long as a few parts (including the raised pattern) in the product are not, it is a 3D PVC patch.

2. Touching:

Some 3D PVC patch's prominent parts could not be observed easily by naked eyes. At this time, you can distinguish the difference between the two by touching. When touching 2D PVC patches, all parts are very smooth (including raised patterns), while 3D PVC patches are unevenness, and the level of the entire product is inconsistent.

What are the Roles of PVC Patches?

Custom PVC patches are practical products commonly found in everyday life. It usually plays various roles in life and plays different roles which range from a dress repair tool to a stylish piece; from a simple logo to a team morale symbol. PVC patches make people's lives richer and more interesting, and their status in life has also improved. It usually plays the following roles in life:

Increase Confidence

Increase Confidence

PVC patches are commonly patched on military clothes as a team badge that is also called military PVC patches. It is a symbol of honor for the soldiers, and also can improve the popularity and motivation of the soldiers.

Expression Support

Expression Support

Cheerleaders, fans or team supporters usually sew PVC patches on their clothes to express their support for the individual and the team. Usually the type of PVC patches are sewn on team uniforms.

More Stylish

More Stylish

PVC patches can easily apply to any garment material you like. Add them to shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and jackets to add clothing personality and make clothes more stylish.

Covering Damaged

Covering Damaged

PVC patches also can repair items. When your favorite clothes are breaks, PVC patches work well when you can’t wear them properly, but you are reluctant to throw them away.

Promote Publicity & Promotion

Promote Publicity & Promotion

Adding custom PVC velcro patches to workers' uniforms can help your brand and build a better reputation for your business. They provide professional touches to your company brand and are used for brand identity.

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With more than 20 years of experience in making custom products, we have been working with customers all around the world. As a trusted custom pin maker, not only can we create the best custom lapel pins, we can also produce other top-quality custom products as following:


Are you looking for the services that master the art of designing top-notch custom products? Your search ends here at the GS-JJ, the professional custom pin maker where we offer a wide range of custom lapel pins under a single roof at an affordable rate.

Cooperation with GS-JJ

What to Look For In PVC Patch Company?

The major thing you need to consider is cost. And then is for the quality of the materials. You definitely want a company that makes use of high quality soft PVC materials that are fade resistant. The experience of the workers in the company must also be considered. PVC patch maker must have well-trained personnel with years of graphic design experience to help design custom patches.

And find the best PVC patch company with the right customer service for you. Choosing the experienced PVC patch manufacturer, the right product and the best quality PVC products are what you must always consider. That is why we choose GS-JJ.

No MOQ PVC Patches

GS-JJ's customer group is broad. We are not only committed to working with wholesalers, but we also consider the needs of the individual. PVC patches no minimum you can get at any time here.

Free Shipping
Fast Delivery
Free shipping

GS-JJ has a stable long-term cooperation relationship with DHL and FedEx airlines.

Factory Direct Price
Factory directly

All products are finish independently by our factory. The finished product displayed directly to customers through

High Quality
High quality

All PVC products are medical-grade environmentally friendly PVC soft rubber. Each step is strictly controlled by professional PVC patch makers


GS-JJ, a comprehensive and experienced PVC patch maker, can also make products other than PVC patches, which include the PVC keychain, PVC label, PVC coaster and so on.

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PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS!  Our award-winning team can help with your design or create exquisite PVC patches for you!
FREE PROOF!  You can send photos, drawings, or just list your ideas and our designers will get you a proof right away!
HOW TO ORDER? Know more details at
How to Order with our Automated Quotation System?
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