Do you ever wonder the whence of the gesture-victory? We are used to recording our daily, like taking a photo in daily life when we are celebrating something or reaching a little achievement. Therefore, we are used to gesturing the index finger and middle finger, just like the letter “V” to express the delight when we are taking a photo in daily life.

The gesture-victory appeared in the period of the Second World War. At the end of the 18th century, the world-famous Austria Jew medical family-the family Byrne. Victor was acquiring a huge breakthrough while the long-term research and development processing. The researchers gestured the “V” to convey the congratulation because they did not want to break the quiet atmosphere in the research laboratory. This chronic gesture “V” had a deepest implied meaning under the perennial rule of the Nazi. In 1938, Nazi Germany surrounded the Rothschild Hospital.

The "V" to convey the congratulation
The “V” to convey the congratulation

Witte, as an attending doctor held his two hands that gestured “V” highly to convey the confidence to all the Jewish and patients hiding in the hospital. At this moment, all the people were holding the “V” highly. It was a sweep through Austria and the whole of Europe.

However, making the gesture “V” as a symbolic posture was the Prime Minister of UK-Churchill. Churchill was using the index finger and middle finger press to the two areas of German on the map in a news conference, meanwhile, he spoke to the reporter loudly: “Please believe us, we will fight back.” A reporter asked him: “Prime minister, are you sure about this?” Churchill turned around, held his two fingers like the gesture “V” to the ceiling, and spoke in excitement: “We are doomed to win.” After that, this gesture represented victory.

the Prime Minister of UK-Churchill
The Prime Minister of UK-Churchill

In the UK, the opposite of the gesture “V” means to insult the enemy. Because of Churchill, the gesture “V” can go the rounds all over the world. During the period of that historical background, this gesture has the deepest meaning in people’s minds. Therefore, it can bring hope and energy to the people in the chaos caused by the Second World War.

Although the Second World War was far away from us, this gesture that represents victory is coming down forever. And the gesture is endowed more meanings, there are delightful, happiness, friendship.

And if you adorned the appearance of gesture victory in our clothes, it will make you more significant. You can find several patches made by the gesture victory, The Victory Custom Patches, Victory Custom Made Patches, and Victory Custom Patches. These patches adorned in clothes as decorate, not only can make you more pretty, but it will be different meanings and cheer people up.

Victory Custom Patches
Victory Custom Patches

Victory is not just a gesture, after the long historical background, it means a lot to everyone.



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